The Race of Gentlemen – Pure History Right in Front of Your Eyes

TROG 2021 Wildwood NJ - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 544 Known as The Race of Gentlemen, the event has been a resurrected event dating back to the 50s by a local club called the Oilers of New Jersey. For one weekend in early October, racers, gassers, and fans gather on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey for one of only two instances of beach racing in the United States. The Mr. Local History Project takes a look at this iconic event and its history. Tucked between the Atlantic Ocean and one of America’s most popular boardwalks, the…

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Retrospective: The Soap Box Derby and its Ties to New Jersey

Retrospective: The Soap Box Derby in Somerset County NJ

Post Views: 785 As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our internet community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available. If you have a comment or photo, feel free to post at the bottom of this page or drop us a note. Mr. Local History Project Visions of custom made and painted cars with young kids bearing a helmet and a chance at fame leveraging gravity in a non-motorized home made vehicle. It’s…

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Nominate Your Top 5 To the American HO Greatest Slot Cars of All Time List

Finding the Top 100 slot cars in America - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 1,102 What are your #TOP 5 greatest slot cars in your collection?Is it speed, collectibility, car you owned? Maybe it’s your fastest car. Maybe it’s the your most collectible. Maybe it’s just the replica of the car you had when you were young. We’re on a mission to have provide the first ever internet gathering of information on the love of slot cars. There are no wrong submissions! What’s your favorite car? Can’t have just one…..give us your top 5. We’ll gather everyone’s submission to vote on the…

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Lost New Jersey Racetracks Project

Lost Racetracks of New Jersey - Mr. Local History Project

Post Views: 1,446 Boy this has turned into an obsession. We keep digging and we keep finding more and more racetracks that were once in New Jersey! Have one to share? The Mr. Local History Project is a non-profit organization that picks up on great local stories in New Jersey. The Lost New Jersey Racetrack-Racers Project is to shine the light on the great motorsports history in New Jersey. For example, did you know there was actually a 1.5 mile wooden oval built in New Jersey to rival the Indianapolis…

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Bring Auto Racing Back to Paterson New Jersey

Lost Raceways of New Jersey - Paterson's Hinchcliffe Stadium

Post Views: 1,611 The former mayor of Paterson, Joey Torres, had committed to seeing the restoration of the stadium by the end of his term in 2018. He left office in 2017 and accepted a plea deal in response to charges of corruption. Further improvements to the stadium may come with the efforts to upgrade the area around the Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park. Hinchliffe Stadium was named after Mayor John Hinchliffe, who made his fortune from Hinchliffe Brewing before it closed due to Prohibition. After the 1932 opening, for decades onward, the…

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Top 15 Daytona 500 Destinations to Hit Every Speedweek

Traveling Daytona 500 and Daytona Beach, Florida - Mr. Local History #mrlocalhistory

Want to go to the #Daytona500 Speedweeks and feel like you know where to go? Here’s 20 years of experience all in one place where we’ve highlighted the top 15 Daytona spots to hit during Speedweeks. We’ve loaded THE BEST.

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Daytona 500 Ticket Price History – Flat – Like Attendance

Post Views: 3,406 Face value of Daytona 500 tickets- Flat or Lower Boy it’s a whole new ball game for Daytona International Speedway now that DIS has been labeled the first and largest American racing stadium for the #Daytona500. With the reconfigured front-stretch, and a totally dismantled backstretch (aka the Super-stretch), tickets are showing that they can’t hold onto the prices they set just 5 years ago. And with the online ticket resale market growing, people are no longer shelling out big bucks in the summer before the race to…

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