Traveling Historic Highways – The Van Dorn Mill

Post Views: 401 Somerset County is full of great history almost to a fault. Driving up and down Route 202 we often forget to see the historic beauty right in front of our eyes. Mr. Local History must drive by the Van Dorn Mill in a small hamlet in Bernards Township hundreds of times, but this time we stopped in to the Van Dorn Mill for a look. Here’s that story. Van Dorn Mill History (Franklin Corners, Bernards Township) The Van Dorn Mill has three main chapters in its life,…

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Tuskegee Medal Presentation Writes Final Chapter

Post Views: 332 BASKING RIDGE- JULY 21, 2022 – Robert and Estelle Terry who once lived in Basking Ridge across the street from the Somerset Hills Airport were honored today at the site of their former home for a ceremony to present the Terry family with the Tuskegee Airmen Congressional medal of honor. While the temperatures rose into the mid 90s there was noting that was going to stop this day” said Brooks Betz, who wrote the research article about the history of the Terry story. “This was one of…

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Retrospective: Robert & Estelle Terry – Tuskegee Airmen and Basking Ridge Pilots

Post Views: 3,910 NOTE: As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our community. We will continue to expand this piece as information becomes available. The story is expanding as we learn more about the family. Mr. Local History Project Update July 21, 2022:After 76 years, Tuskegee Airmen Congressional Medals to be Presented to the Family of Robert & Estelle Terry It took almost two years as Brooks Betz, historian and researcher prepared a story about Captain Robert…

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Retrospective: Brush’s Deli – Three Generations and Counting

Post Views: 914 As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, updates are made to this post when we learn additional information. We will continue to expand this post as stories come to light. Mr. Local History Project Brush’s deli has a long history in Basking Ridge as the longest standing deli in the community. Located at 35 S. Finley avenue in the same building, the P.C. Henry general store opened back in 1869 and remained until 1935. On the left was a milliner (hat) shop along with a hardware and furniture…

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What’s the Unofficial Sandwich of Basking Ridge? We Have a Winner

Post Views: 802 WE HAVE A WINNER. How often do you get to actually participate in history? Now you do. There is a battle going on in the town of Basking Ridge where the Mr. Local History Project has connected with the town’s oldest deli to battle it out for the right to name the “Unofficial Sandwich of Bernards Township.” Voting has been fierce and it looks like it’s going to come down to last minute voters who’ve been debating this for years. Put to a vote by local residents,…

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History of the US Golf Association Headquarters and Museum

USGA Headquarters and Museum - Bernards Township NJ

Post Views: 5,607 UPDATE:OK, now the story is getting better! The administrative building and the golf museum here, known as Golf House, will remain intact, Janeen Driscoll, USGA director of brand communications, said. The USGA’s The CEO and the majority of its executive team are expected to remain in New Jersey, Driscoll said. The main change will be the closing of the site’s 36-year-old equipment testing center, where golf balls and clubs are tested for conformance to the rules of golf. About 50 full-time USGA employees, or 15 percent of…

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Annin History Book Donated to Bernards Library

Post Views: 180 It took a bit, but finally the book of the 175 year history of the Annin Flag Company has finally made it to the Bernards Library. And what more appropriate day to present the collectible book but on Flag Day, June 14. The book was given to Brooks Betz, who has been working on building a relationship with the Annin Flag Company who is also producing the official Bernards Township Flag for the Mr. Local History Project. But Betz felt that the book belongs to the town,…

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The American Flag Means Annin in Liberty Corner

Annin Flag Day Banner Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 1,754 Flag Day is celebrated every June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Many don’t know Flag Day has direct ties to two small New Jersey hamlets in Liberty Corner and Middlebrook. Liberty Corner is an American town with an American story. UPDATE: Folding the Flag Annin’s Corner and the Liberty Pole The Mr. Local History Project looks back at one of Liberty Corner, New Jersey’s founding families who are known…

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Bernards Township & Bernardsville Honor Veterans and The Fallen

Bernards Township Honors our local veterans - Mr Local History

Post Views: 2,977 UPDATE: There is a Go Fund Me Campaign called “Buy A Veteran a Burger” that will feed vets on the Lyons VA campus this Memorial Day weekend. Each Memorial Day and Veterans Day Bernards Township and Bernardsville honors our military veterans with a banner salute around the Bernards Township Municipal building and in downtown Bernardsville area. The banners usually stay up between the two holidays and grace our townships with honor and sacrifice and a true sense of what these people mean to our community and our…

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Bernards Township Flag Honors Bernards Township’s History

Bernards Township Flag Online Ordering

Post Views: 1,212 For the First Time in 62 Years, Fundraiser Offers Exclusive Large Bernards Township Flag Made by the Annin Flag Company For the first time in 62 years, an original Bernards Township flag by the Annin Flag Company is available as a fundraiser where you can share your pride in the community. This fundraiser offers a large Bernards Township exclusive flag produced by the Annin Flag Company allowing residents to honor Bernards Township. Now is your chance own a piece of our history with the the flag designed…

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Retrospective: The Siblings of a 619 Year Oak Tree

Bernards Township Oak Tree Legacy - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 390 On the 5th anniversary of Basking Ridge, New Jersey losing its 619 year oak tree, the Mr. Local History Project has written a story of hope, commitment, honor, history, and township pride. Yes people, there are children of the mighty oak that Basking Ridge residents lost in 2017. As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, updates are made to this post when we learn additional information. We will continue to expand this post as information becomes available. Mr. Local History Research Team “As people of faith, we’re aware…

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Meet (Sir) Francis Bernard Esq. – New Jersey’s Royal Governor

New Jersey's Governor Francis Bernard 1758-1760 - Mr. Local History

Post Views: 553 Our curiousity started with a round table discussion: who is Francis Bernard and should there be a statue of Sir Francis Bernard to recognize his service to New Jersey? Read the story and tell us what you think at the end. It is almost as though the Francis Bernard who governed Massachusetts shortly before the Revolution and the well-liked Bernard who led New Jersey during the French and Indian War were different men. Bernard had arrived in New Jersey at the age of forty-five and had waged…

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The Besties – The Best of the Best in Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Bedminster in Northern Somerset County

The Besties Mr Local History

Post Views: 8,112 Bedminster, Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Far Hills, Peapack/Gladstone also known as The Somerset Hills. It’s time for a real discussion on where to get the best things based on what the LOCALS say! Don’t agree? Post what you think is is best. And if we couldn’t find local, we gave best option. Also check out the Facebook Group – Jersey’s Epic Comfort Food group discussion. Best Food Best Bread: Biagios’  (Stirling) Best Meat/Butcher: Green Village Packing Company (Green Village) Best Bagels: Tie: O’Bagel and Bagels 4 – U…

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Baseball’s Bobby Thomson’s 1951 ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ Had Ties to Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Post Views: 817 Many people know of the 1951 Shot Heard Round the World by a man named Bobby Thomson. No other play by play call in baseball history has ever come close to raising the hairs on the back of your neck then that call. But what many many don’t know is that Bobby Thomson, the Giant slugger that won the pennant with that single swing, also lived in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Articles over the years have stated that yes Thomson lived in Staten Island and in Watchung…

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2022 Historic Basking Ridge Village Walking Tour Scholarship Fundraiser

A few of our fantastic hosts and docents for the Basking Ridge walking tour.

Post Views: 710 Book Your Spot Today. UPDATE: Friday, May 13 We are a go for Saturday. Chance of showers. Warm (yay). Maybe bring a small umbrella just in case. Only a few tickets for our only tour this year of the Historic Basking Ridge Village! Tell your friends! Tell a friend. bring a guest. Make it a girls afternoon out! it’s a high school scholarship fundraiser! A GREAT LOCAL TOUR! Join the Mr. Local History Project as we present our annual walking tour of the historic village of Basking…

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