Retrospective: The Vote That Killed the Basking Ridge Historic District

Basking Ridge Historic District Village Header Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 8 Retrospective: As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our internet community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available. If you have a comment or photo, feel free to post at the bottom of this page or drop us a note. Mr. Local History Project The Historic Village of Basking Ridge All anyone has to do is drive down South Finley Avenue to the town green to recognize you’re in a…

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Project Local Ambassador – A Bernards Township Flag To Every Resident

#bernardsflag #projectambassador

Post Views: 250 Called “Project Local Ambassador” – Join the Mr. Local History Project as we launch a campaign to raise funds to present every resident and elementary school student a Bernards Township flag. Please share with #bernardsflag tag. Connecting kids to their geography and local history. The Mr. Local History Project is asking for your help. To preserve and promote Bernards Township’s pride and history by handing out a custom made Bernards Township Annin brand flag to every 3rd grade student in Cedar Hill, Liberty Corner, Mt. Prospect, and…

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Most People Don’t Know The Meaning Behind These Town Names

Post Views: 111 The Mr. Local History Project took a moment out to answer a very simple set of questions of which we’ve learned many people just didn’t know the correct answer. The Somerset Hills is an area of northern Somerset County, New Jersey, named after Somerset in England. But do you know the origins of each of the towns in the Somerset Hills? How about the difference between Bernards Township and Basking Ridge? Is Bernardsville and Bernards Township pronounced the same? We try to answer all of these questions.…

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Program Pilot: Local History Games/Puzzles

Mr Local History Puzzles and Games

Post Views: 147 What better way to share New Jersey’s local history then with games. In an effort to create a fun and entertaining teaching method, the Mr. Local History Project presents a number of interactive puzzles and games for kids and adults. Look for different kinds of puzzles, from crossword puzzles to word searches, memory games and more! We’re testing public interest with our first pilot of 2022. If you like the idea of growing our games catalog as part of our education program, please let us know. Feel…

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2021 Year In Review – Our Top 10 Stories for the Year

The Mr Local History Project Trustees and Volunteers 2021

Post Views: 95 For your consideration…… Late December and early January are great times to reflect on the year passed and stories that presented themselves. The Mr. Local History Project looks back at the top 10 stories uncovered for 2021 based on reviews made by the editorial board. Don’t get us wrong, we love all of the stories that were researched or recommended by our readership. 2021 was also a growing year for the Mr. Local History Project as our trustees expanded along with our coverage. This year marked a…

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Holiday Greeting Cards Scream Local

The Mr. Local History Project Holiday Cards

Post Views: 143 Join the community on December 4th in Bernardsville and Basking Ridge as they kick off the holiday season as the Mr. Local History Project is donating over 500 limited edition holiday cards to the community at Saturday’s Basking Ridge tree lighting and the Bernardsville Holiday Parade. Printed by Bernardsville Print Center’s Rich Steinberg, there are two versions of the Mr. Local History Project holiday card; one for Basking Ridge and one for Bernardsville. The card symbolizes the local holidays in the area, bringing all the chance to…

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Tis the Season – Two Trees that Will Warm Your Heart

Giving Back -Community Tree 2021 Basking Ridge NJ

Post Views: 263 What better way to give back to our hometown then to give not just one, but TWO trees to the community. The Mr. Local History elves present our 2021 editions called the “Tooth Fairy Tree” and “His-TREES” both on full display in Bernards Township now thru the end of the year. Write a wish, to the world. Hang on the tree for all to see.Take a Tooth Box that’s hanging there,A Tooth Fairy gift, and yes it’s FREE.#toothfairytree2021 A bad Rhyme, but you get the idea right?…

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The Holiday History Boutique is Open

Shop Mr Local History NJ HIstory

Post Views: 339 The 2021 edition of the Mr Local History Holiday Boutique is OPEN. Give the gift of locally made limited edition keepsakes and collectibles to give or to decorate your home. Your purchases go towards funding our annual scholarship fund and to support the great programs we provide to the community each year. As always – Support local! Shop Local. Support the Mr. Local History non-profit efforts with a gift of “Local.” All the items below are limited edition and when they sell out they are gone!’ Click…

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Retrospective: Winter as a Kid on Cranford’s Rahway River

Post Views: 411 Childhood Winters in Cranford, New Jersey Or as I like to say “Memories from the Frozen Venice of New Jersey.” Retrospective: As a writer for New Jersey’s Mr. Local History Project I recently wrote about skating on a pond in Westfield. But what I didn’t tell those readers is that I was really a closet Cranford resident as the son of the owner of the Cranford Canoe Club. That story led to my winter trips over to the Canoe Club to skate on the Rahway River. I…

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Peapack Ski Tow -Ski Areas We’ve Lost in New Jersey

Banner Peapack Ski Area - Mr Local History

Post Views: 248 The Peapack Ski Tow was One of the First Ski Businesses in New Jersey At one time, New Jerseyans had their pick of a dozen or so smaller hills where beginners could get a feel for the sport and more experience skiers could sneak away for a few quick runs and still be home for dinner. Lift? who needs a lift when you have a ski tow. You know, the rope tied to a motor with a wooden dish to put between your legs to pull you…

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Retrospective: Winter as a Kid on Westfield’s Mindowaskin Pond

Mindowaskin Park Skating Memories - Westfield NJ

Post Views: 429 One of the best memories growing up in Westfield New Jersey was winter skating on an iconic pond that sat adjacent to the Municipal Building just east off the town center. What is now a distant memory, this post not only serves to share a few memories, but to also build an online tribute photo gallery for the by the community to view and share (we”ll talk more about that later). Being fortunate to grow up within walking distance from town, the winter was a special time…

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Thanksgiving Meet – Horses, Hounds and Foxes Before Turkeys – A Countryside Tradition

Post Views: 220 President George Washington proclaimed Nov. 26, 1789, the last Thursday of November that year, to be a “day of public thanksgiving.”   What is known as the “Gentry”, in New Jersey they held fox hunts on Thanksgiving Day. Fox hunts were not exclusive to the holiday — the horses and hounds trained all year long, and fox hunting was very much a fall sport. In Montclair, the Hunt Club had to pay property owners for any damage the horses and hounds did to their property.   It was practical…

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Haunted Walking Tour of Basking Ridge Village Fundraiser – Tickets on Sale Now

Event: the Haunted Walking Tour of Basking Ridge Village - Join Us.

Post Views: 340 How about a fun day out in the fall fresh air strolling the streets of haunted village. The Mr. Local History Project has created a new chapter of the Haunted Walking Tour of Historic Basking Ridge Village and is bringing back this fall classic for one October afternoon. The script is updated and our Witch of Winding Lane is ready with her tales and her spooky participants will be ready to enlighten and entertain you. Join the Witch of Winding Lane as she and her ghoulish friends…

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The Race of Gentlemen – Pure History Right in Front of Your Eyes

TROG 2021 Wildwood NJ - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 544 Known as The Race of Gentlemen, the event has been a resurrected event dating back to the 50s by a local club called the Oilers of New Jersey. For one weekend in early October, racers, gassers, and fans gather on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey for one of only two instances of beach racing in the United States. The Mr. Local History Project takes a look at this iconic event and its history. Tucked between the Atlantic Ocean and one of America’s most popular boardwalks, the…

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Feel Lucky – Enter Chance to Win 100th Far Hills Race Collectible

Far Hills Race Meeting Collectible - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 541 Enter Chance to win 100th Anniversary Far Hills Race Keepsake. One of our most popular keepsakes is the limited edition 100th anniversary rendering of the Far Hills Race Meeting. Commissioned by the Mr. Local History Project, this keepsake showcases in art the grand event on the front and the history of the event on the back. To enter, just post “Winner” at the bottom of this page in the COMMENTS section . We will pick from all the names before the hunt and announce the winner here.…

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