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Education Programs

The Mr. Local History Project helps local educators to promote local history in the classroom. From 3rd grade to High School and College, let Mr. Local History work with you to share a history with your students with a fun and social twist.

Let Miss Meg, Trustee and our education program lead, work with you to create a program for your audience. We are a small organization so booking in advance is key.

A snippet from one of our education series about schooling back in the single room schools of the 1800s for 3rd grade aged childrem

Promoting local history to our various audiences is one of our primary mission statements. And as we say, “Today is Tomorrow’s History – Live it!

Other available programs: (Virtual / 1 hour)

  • Street Names of Bernards Township
  • 10 Greatest Moments in Bernards Township History
  • 10 Greatest Moments in Somerset Hills History
  • Early Settlers of Basking Ridge
  • School Then and Now
  • Schools in Bernards Township

Suggested Donation: $100 per event.

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1 thought on “Education Programs”

  1. Our new program for 3rd grade students was just released. Lots of great feedback. So if you have a “virtual classroom” of third graders and want to present a fun and interesting history lesson, check out the above trailer.

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