Fundraiser Offers Exclusive Bernards Township Flag- Honors Bernards Township Day

For the first time in 62 years, an original Bernards Township flag by the Annin Flag Company is available as a fundraiser May 24th is Bernards Township Day – the inaugural celebration where you can share your pride in the community or provide a small community service a give back. This fundraiser offers a large Bernards Township exclusive flag produced by the Annin Flag Company allowing residents to honor Bernards Township. Now is your chance own a piece of our history with the the flag designed by a Bernards Township resident and produced by the descendants of the Annin family of Liberty Corner. The day honors the day King George II signed the charter officially recognizing the township to Sir Francis Bernard, the Royal Governor of New Jersey .

MLH received their first Annin Flag for Bernards Township on April 28, 2022 and it’s the first flag made in the last 62 years for Bernards residents.

Fundraiser: Get a Flag – Proceeds to Local Schools Project Ambassador -Mini-Flag Program

The non-profit Mr. Local History Project preserves and promotes history across New Jersey, the organization is actually based in Bernards Township. The new 3′ x 5′ hanging Bernards Township flag was born out of Mr. Local History’s program called “Project Local Ambassador”, an effort to give a specially made one of a kind Bernards Township mini- flag to every Bernards Township elementary school student. Now proceeds from the sale of a larger flag can serve as a fundraiser to distribute even more mini-flags around the community.

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The Mr. Local History Project is so proud that our Project Local Ambassador is expanding from the classroom to our local community. The house flag being produced by descendants of Liberty Corner’s Annin family is an even greater honor that will share the history of this flag and the showing the pride to be a Bernards Township resident.

Brooks Betz – Mr Local history project

Bernards Township Honors Flag

The Annin Flag Company official Bernards Township flag will be producing the only official rendition of the iconic Bernards Township flag. “How great is this that we’re going to have Bernards Township flag that’s made in America with the famed Annin Flag Company logo on it” says Betz. ” I’ve been trying to put this together for years and now there’s going to be a chance for every resident to show their pride in our history and our township.” Proceeds raised from the Bernards House Flag program will go towards expanding the Project Ambassador Flag Program for area students. If you haven’t heard the Annin Flag story, please see the link at the end of this story. It’s quite the local tale.

Flag Construction

The Bernards Township flag is a simple straightforward design created by James Fogelman for the township’s 200th anniversary back in 1960. The design was later accepted by the Township Committee and Mayor as the official flag of Bernards Township.

Four rectangles of gold and red that stand for the four communities of which Bernards is composed: Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner, Lyons and West Millington. Bound in white, white symbolizes purity and truth. Red symbolizes the blood of life. Gold represents a prosperous and flourishing community. Two oak leafs adorn the first red and gold fields representing the township’s grand 619 year old oak tree, which became the symbol of strength, sturdiness and character. The twin oak leaves stand for the township’s 200 years honored in 1960.”

James K. Fogelman – Bernards Township resident, Planning Board member, and designer of the official flag of Bernards township, New Jersey

People will be able to get an official Bernards Township flag because the Annin Flag Company issued a special account to accommodate Mr. Local History and this historic project. “We had to do this,” stated Chuck Chuck Opramolla from the Annin Flag Company.”How could we not be the only choice to produce this flag for Mr. Local History and the Bernards Township community. We’re tied together from our beginning!”

2022 also marks the 175 anniversary of the Annin Flag Company’s founding. The Annin Flag company was founded by the grandchildren of William Annin, one of the founding families of Liberty Corner, the area of Bernards Township that was once referred to as Annin’s Corner.

The Annin’s first homestead in America was Liberty Corner, New Jersey. Even more reason to have this flag made in America by the Annin Flag Company of New Jersey.
The Annin Flag Company is celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2022 as America's #1 flag maker.
The Annin Flag Company is celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2022 as America’s #1 flag maker.

Why Residents Should Support and Get a Flag

Project Local Ambassador – Giving a Bernards Township flag to every student in Bernards Twp.

“Plans include to present a number of the larger Bernards Township flags to key organizations and township programs that can fly the flag in honor of our township,” noted Brooks Betz, trustee at the Mr. Local History Project. “Right now there is only two Bernards Township flags being flown in the township and we want to help change that.” Look to see more of the Crimson, Gold and White around town as word gets out about the Bernards Township flag program.

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