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Bernards Township Flag For Every Student – Project Local Ambassador

Called “Project Local Ambassador” – Join the Mr. Local History Project as we launch a campaign to raise funds to present every resident and elementary school student a Bernards Township flag.
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Corporate and local business sponsor of the #Bernardsflags program.

Project Ambassador Wall of Fame – Thank you for your financial support

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The official flag of Bernards Township

Four rectangles of gold and red that stand for the four communities of which Bernards is composed: Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner, Lyons and West Millington. Bound in white, symbolic of purity and truth, the red is for the blood of life and the gold is for a prosperous and flourishing community. White is for purity.
Two enormous oak leafs adorning the red-gold field represent the township’s old oak tree, a symbol of strength, sturdiness and character. The twin oak leaves also stand for the township’s 200 years.

James Fogleman, Bernards Township Resident who designed the original Bernards township flag

Connecting our residents and students to their geography and local history the Mr. Local History Project is asking for help. To preserve and promote Bernards Township’s pride and history the MLH Project wants to give a custom made Bernards Township flag to every 5th grade student in Cedar Hill, Liberty Corner, Mt. Prospect, and Oak Street school over multiple years until every student has a Bernards Township.

As the Township Historian, I think this is a fantastic way to share the pride and history of our town and build a relationship with our kids and residents about local history. I really hope the public gets behind this as it’s never been done before.”

Brooks Betz, Bernards Township Historian

Sponsorship Levels

Every dollar donated to Project Ambassador will be dedicated to acquire as many #bernardsflags as we can first for our students, then for the public. So every $$$$ helps the community effort. A online donation button has been set up specifically for this project (see below). GIVE WHATEVER YOU CAN!

If you’re part of a PTO organization and want to help, please drop us a note with your details if you’d like to participate and support.

Sponsorship Levels  AmountGIFT
 Gold Level Sole Sponsor  $2,000 GIFT: 50 flags to share 
Silver Level Sponsor  $1,000 GIFT:  25 flags to share
Bronze Level Sponsor  $500 GIFT: 10 flags to share 
Individual Sponsors Any AmountSupporting Sponsor Recognition
Sponsorships are 100% tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching grants where applicable.
Send check to Mr. Local History Project Ambassador 184 W. Oak Street, suite 101, Bernards Twp, NJ 07920.
Or you can donate immediately with the link below.

Your Donation is 100% Tax Deductible

Any donation helps the cause. If you can’t sponsor the effort, please click the link and make a tax deductible gift donation.

Our volunteers will take care of the rest for this multi year effort.

Bernards-Flag---Mr-Local-History needs your financial support to make this happen. #bernardsflag
Bernards-Flag—Mr-Local-History needs your financial support to make this happen. #bernardsflag

Additional Information:

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2 thoughts on “Bernards Township Flag For Every Student – Project Local Ambassador”

  1. While at the Bernards Library I picked up the information about our flag and found your website today. I am wondering if the flags are for sale so they can be displayed at our home. I had no idea Basking Ridge had its own flag and reading the history was very interesting. Thanks for your interest in our community. Barbara

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