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Maybe we’re taking this way to seriously, but I’ve been searching for bakeries that serve New Jersey’s best crumb cake. If you’re NOT a fan of the cake, you might want to leave now because we’re really going to get into the discussion. Now for those of you who ARE fans, read on.

New Jersey fans of crumb cake have been treated for years with the delectable breakfast offering. As we’ve found, this treat is not available all over the country. While companies such as Entenmanns have tried to fill the bakery gap with both the regular and deluxe(extra crumb with a Drakes cake yellow base) versions of it’s recipe, it’s still not even close to crumb cake heaven. That’s what this piece is about – using the Internet to get the word out and get your stories back on what you say is the best crumb cake in New Jersey. And since the world revolves around New Jersey, the title would mean global supremacy in the crumb cake world. Me – my story started as a young kid going to Margie’s Cake Box  on the Scotch Plains/Plainfield border in New Jersey (Gone but not forgotten!). Can’t remember the age – but I do remember the experience.

Baked on a sheet - Crumb cake from B&W in Hackensack ranks right up at the top of the list.
Baked on a sheet – Crumb cake from B&W in Hackensack, NJ ranks right up at the top of the list.

What is Crumb Cake?

If you Google “Crumb Cake” you come back with over 4.86 million hits. Click on the images search and you’ll start to see that yes there are some weird people that are snapping pictures of their favorite crumb cakes. If you then Google “Best Crumb Cake” the search drops in half to just over 2 million results. Finally we searched “New Jersey’s Best Crumb Cake” and got over 500,000 results. Other terms are used to define this popular breakfast item – crumb cake, crumb bun, coffee cake are just a few. But now you start to see who’s in the game! We’ll discuss later.

But let’s see how Wikipedia describes crumb cake: WHAT it’s not there? Listed as a reference is the term Streuselkuchen (crumb cake) – a German term – (unbelievable) – shoved in there with the coffee cake genre – how dare they! We’ll have to work on that after this review is published.

Anyway, if you check recipes for crumb cake it’s basically brown sugar and butter, and a variation of other things but that’s about it. Calorie count – depending on the piece could be from 500-700 calories per serving (depending if you add on what we’re going to discuss next – butter and icing).

Butter or No Butter on Top

While my wife thinks it’s the one of the grossest things ever done, you just can’t beat a swab of soft butter on the top of your masterpiece. It just takes it over the top, and that’s why people probably do it. However, it is a personal preference and we won’t hold it against you if you do. Vote now and tell us what you prefer.

Crumb Cake with Butter
When you go over the top, many add a slab of soft butter to the top of their cake. How about you? Answe the poll question and let us know what you do.

Powdered or Powdered and Iced?Mueller’s of Bay Head with the iced mountains of goodness.

Here’s another opinion – How about icing on top? Post what you think? No we’re not going to see if you like icing AND butter – is that just way over the top to even ask (we think that’s just too personal!)

Mueller’s Crumb to cake ratio is off the chart. Has to be (90:10)

Best Crumb Cake


So let’s start with what makes a perfect crumb cake. First obviously it’s the crumbs – that top layer that’s supported by a cake base. After all, it is called Crumb Cake and not just Crumbs. And yes there is a required balance. While some experts prefer heavy crumb content, we’ve create the Crumb-to-Cake Ratio (CTC Ratio) so not to confuse. A perfect crumb cake will be just that – crumb AND cake. The Crumb TO Cake ratio should be somewhere between 70-80% crumb, with the remainder being cake. And when we say cake, we mean cake, not that yellow looking Drakes cake like sponge stuff (you know what I’m talking about).

 The Best

While we’ve done our best to find the best crumb cake around, we’re only one opinion.  Give us the names and your experience and we’ll post here.

Here’s our recommendations for the best crumb cakes in New Jersey:

North Jersey

  • B & W Bakery – (Boehringer & Weimer Bakery)  – 614 Main St, Hackensack, NJ 07601 – (201) 342-5577
  • Crumb Cake Creations – 500 W Main St  Wyckoff, NJ 07481 – (201) 644-6066

Central Jersey

  • Bakers Bounty – 7 Maple Ave, Linden, NJ 07036 – Found at many farmers markets as well (Bernardsville and Motown)
  • Natale’s Bakery – 185 Broad St  Summit, NJ 07901 (908) 277-2074
  • Margie’s Cake Box 1348 South Ave. Plainfield, NJ 07062 (908) 755-5311
     – CLOSED (but not forgotten!)

South Jersey

What do you Think?

Post what you think is the best crumb cake around. But don’t tell us it’s some home made recipe cause we’ll then come right to your house. Remember, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but it has been a fun topic to discuss. And it’s even funnier when you find someone else who has a REAL opinion on the subject. Gotta love the Internet. It’s really serving its purpose.

Do you Dare?

Dare to make one yourself – Here’s a solid recipe – Click Here

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