2021 Year In Review – Our Top 10 Stories for the Year

The Mr Local History Project Trustees and Volunteers 2021

Post Views: 105 For your consideration…… Late December and early January are great times to reflect on the year passed and stories that presented themselves. The Mr. Local History Project looks back at the top 10 stories uncovered for 2021 based on reviews made by the editorial board. Don’t get us wrong, we love all of the stories that were researched or recommended by our readership. 2021 was also a growing year for the Mr. Local History Project as our trustees expanded along with our coverage. This year marked a…

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Retrospective: Winter as a Kid on Westfield’s Mindowaskin Pond

Mindowaskin Park Skating Memories - Westfield NJ

Post Views: 439 One of the best memories growing up in Westfield New Jersey was winter skating on an iconic pond that sat adjacent to the Municipal Building just east off the town center. What is now a distant memory, this post not only serves to share a few memories, but to also build an online tribute photo gallery for the by the community to view and share (we”ll talk more about that later). Being fortunate to grow up within walking distance from town, the winter was a special time…

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