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Nominate Your Top 5 To the American HO Greatest Slot Cars of All Time List

What are your #TOP 5 greatest slot cars in your collection?
Is it speed, collectibility, car you owned?

Maybe it’s your fastest car. Maybe it’s the your most collectible. Maybe it’s just the replica of the car you had when you were young. We’re on a mission to have provide the first ever internet gathering of information on the love of slot cars. There are no wrong submissions!

What’s your favorite car?
Can’t have just one…..give us your top 5. We’ll gather everyone’s submission to vote on the Greatest of All Time (#SLOTCARG.O.A.T.).

Warm Up Slot Car Question…

What is the MOST you've paid for a HO scale slot car?

Only One Ask Before You Add Your Top 5:

  • Must be a HO Scale (similar to Match-Box and Hot Wheels cars) (e.g AURORA, AFX, TOMY, LIFELIKE, JOHNNY LIGHTNING, etc)
  • We won’t email you. The system just confirms your submission via email.

Magazine Slot Car Advertisements

If you have an ad or poster, drop us a note with a jpg image and we’ll add it to the images below to help others. This might help figure which ones you want to add to your list.

Aurora Thunderjet Poster. Click to enlarge.
AFX – Click to enlarge.
AFX Magna Sonic advertisement – Click to enlarge
Johnny Lightning Thunderjet 500 poster- Click to enlarge.
Auto World Poster – Click to enlarge. Another great list from

My Story

So we fell into the same trap that most of you are in. You played with these slot cars as a kid and 50 year later you are remembering what you loved about slot cars; the speed, the wrecks, the track configurations, the tweaking of the cars, making customs, and spending every nickel you had to raise the $3.00 needed to get the latest and greatest.

This was just like me and my friends back in the 60’s.

The fever has hit the Mr. Local History Project recently as a few have begun rebuilding collections they had as kids. I’m part of a New Jersey group that built its Aurora/AFX collection back in the 60s and 70s spending every dollar I could get my hands on at Tiny Tots in Westfield & Route 22 in New Jersey and Dick’s Hobbyland in nearby Cranford. Below is my rebuilt collection so far.

Tiny Tots advertisement – October 1964.
My favorite shop in the 70s. Dick’s Hobbyland- Cranford, New Jersey

These cars, along with other models, gave slot-car fans plenty to get excited about. The biggest manufacturer was a U.S. company called Aurora — cars riding on the Aurora Thunderjet 500 chassis from 1963 are highly collectible. Tyco was also early at the starter’s flag.

Who knew that even the Beatles loved a good road match while on tour in their hotel room. I laughed when I saw this. I knew they were cool, but not this cool!

The Mr. Local History Project is on a mission to gather information from collectors and enthusiasts to determine the top 100 slot cars of all time and we need your help. We’re on a mission to gather the top 100 collectible cars of our time from the internet community. After we gather the input, we will create a survey to VOTE for your top 10 and share that with everyone.

Mr. Local History’s (aka Brooks Betz’s) slot car collection reconstruction project.
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