The Besties – The Best of the Best in Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Bedminster in Northern Somerset County

The Besties Mr Local History

Bedminster, Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Far Hills, Peapack/Gladstone also known as The Somerset Hills. It’s time for a real discussion on where to get the best things based on what the LOCALS say! Don’t agree? Post what you think is is best. And if we couldn’t find local, we gave best option. Also check out the Facebook Group – Jersey’s Epic Comfort Food group discussion.

Best Food

  • Best Bread: Biagios’  (Stirling)
  • Best Meat/Butcher: Green Village Packing Company (Green Village)
  • Best Bagels: Tie: O’Bagel and Bagels 4 – U (Fat Bagels) (Bernardsville), Bagel Bin (Thinner ) – (Bernardsville)
  • Best Pizza:  Chianti (Bernardsville) Lenny’s (Bernardsville), Natale’s (Gillette). What about this Grandma pie? Hearing Cafe Figaro & Pizza (Dewey Meadow). El Presidente picked Raritan’s DeLucia’s Brick Oven Pizza best in Jersey.
Lenny’s Pizza in Bernardsville always a winner. Chianti just came onto the scene. And if you follow El Presidente from Barstool Sports – DeLucias in Raritan took NJs best.
  • Best Pizza: (Gluten Free) – Nicoletta (Bernardsville)
  • Best Burger: Station (Bernardsville),  Black Horse Pub (Mendham), Turf & Surf (Warren)
    In the State (Krugs Newark and Steve’s in Garfield), and Stirling Hotel (Stirling).
  • Best Fries:  Copper Kettle (Basking Ridge)
  • Best Hot Dog: Stirling Hotel (Stirling)
  • Best Sub: ,  Sorry. Gotta Travel:  Pastosa Ravioli (Florham Park) Sorrentos (E. Hanover), Colonial Pantry (Mendham),  Angies (Gillette), Joes Meat Market (Bound Brook) Hershey’s (Westfield)
Pastosa Ravioli (Florham Park) is the REAL DEAL. 25 subs on the list!
  • Best Local Deli Sandwich: Perotti’s (Basking Ridge) (See also Subs)
  • Best Thanksgiving Sandwich: The Gobbler – Millburn Deli (Morristown or Millburn)
  • Best Sloppy Joe Sandwich: Tie: Brush’s – Copper Kettle (Basking Ridge). Bernardsville Cafe (had one this weekend) #awesome (prefer the 1/2 turkey, 1/2 Roast Beef).

Tim Brush from Brush’s Deli with “The Monster” – You can’t beat this breakfast sandwich.
  • Best Take Out Window – Priscilla’s Pantry (Basking Ridge)
  • Best Chinese Takeout: Asian Delight (Bernardsville)
  • Best Lobster Roll: Lobster Alley in Raritan is THE BEST. have both kinds- hot w/butter or mayo. New – Mystic Lobster Roll Company (Dewey Meadow- Basking Ridge) how does it rate?
Hot with Butter on the perfect roll – Lobster Alley in Raritan. Check site for hours.
  • Best Japanese Restaurant: Tsuru (Dewey Meadow -Basking Ridge)
  • Best Sushi Restaurant:  Tsuki (Bernardsville)
  • Best Warm Pastrami Sandwich: Pastrami House (Berkeley Heights)
The pastrami sandwich at Pastrami House in Berkeley Heights comes in three sizes. The rye is super soft and the meat is sliced thin and hot! Perfect.
  • Best Hot Top Japanese Restaurant: Kiku  (Bedminster)
  • Best Italian Restaurant: Trattoria Mediterranea (BYO) (Bedminster), Cafe Rosa (BYO) (Pluckemin)
  • Best Mexican Restaurant: Casa Maya (BYO) (Meyersville)
  • Best BBQ: Minuteman Smokehouse (Morristown – Just north of Basking Ridge)
Minuteman Smokehouse BBQ – Man gotta have it!
  • Best Prime Rib:  Sorry Folks! For the money, gotta travel to Charlie Browns in Scotch Plains. 14 oz. Charlie cut, baked potato, unlimited salad bar – $24.99. And every Tuesday, unlimited Shrimp with each Prime Rib purchase! Black Horse Tavern in Mendham a close 2nd.
Charlie Brown’s special beats them all. But Black Horse Tavern in Mendham a close 2nd
  • Best Steak: Char (Raritan), Wolfgang Pucks (Somerville)- Honorable Mention: Roots in Morristown. Best value steakhouse – Arthur’s Tavern, Morris Plains.
Both will hit the wallet pretty hard, so make it a special night!
  • Best Diner: Stirling Diner (Stirling), Spinning Wheel (Lebanon)
  • Best Salad Bar: NEED A NEW FAVORITE NOW THAT KINGS IS GONE! Charlie Brown’s (Scotch Plains)
  • Best Local Farm Stand: Crane Farm Stand (Basking Ridge), Dogwood Farm @ English Farm (Liberty Corner)
  • Best Bakery:  Sorry! Gotta travel. Sorrentos (E. Hanover), Randazzos (Raritan)
  • Best Bakery (Gluten Free): Gluten Free Gloriously (Stirling)
  • Best Crumb Cake: Bernardsville Train Station Farmers Market (Seasonal) (Bernardsville)
  • Best Sheet Cake: Costco (Bridgewater), runner up – Shop Rite (Bernardsville)
  • Best Ice Cream: Polar Cub (Whitehouse Station), Penguin (Bernardsville)
  • Best Prepared Take Out Meals:  Perotti’s  (Basking Ridge and Far Hills)
  • Best Empanadas:  Minos Cafe (Bernardsville)
What a great meal. Empanadas from Minos Cafe in Bernardsville.
  • Best Chili: Peroitti’s Take out Chicken Chili (Basking Ridge)
  • Best Wings: Cluck U (Pizza Brothers/Far Hills)
  • Best Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese (SPK) –   Brush’s Deli (Try the Monster – 6 slices of Taylor Ham, 2 eggs, 4 slices of cheese). Price went up. Now $7.75. Best in State (Slaters in Leonardo)
Brush’s Deli in Bernards Twp offers “The Monster”
Brush’s Deli Monster breakfast sandwich. Perfect for that long day ahead.

Best Going Out (Adults)

  • Best Social Scene: Outpost (Basking Ridge)
  • Best Outdoor Patio: Stirling Hotel (Stirling)
  • Best Outdoor Dining: Stirling Hotel (Stirling) and the Outpost (Basking Ridge)
  • Best Beer Tap Selection: Capitol Craft (Green Brook)
IF you like tap beer, Capital Craft in Green Brook is just a short stint away. Great selection.
  • Best High End: Ninety Acres (Peapack)
  • Best Classic Old Time Dive Bar: Top of the Hill (Pluckemin)
  • Best Fire Pit Drinking: Ninety Acres (Peapack)
  • Best Rooftop Bar: The Bradford @AC Hotel (Bridgewater)
  • Best Lively Atmosphere Dining: Bistro 73 (BYO) (Bernardsville)
  • Best Divorce Hang Out/Pick Up:  3 West (Basking Ridge)
  • Best Activity: Bowling/Beverages  Bowlmor (Green Brook), Runner Up – Stumpy’s Hatchet Throwing (BYO for real) – Green Brook

Best Services

  • Best Liquor Store: Stirling Fine Wines (Stirling)
Stirling Fine Wines – Owned by a GREAT Basking Ridge Resident. BEST prices – great service.
  • Best Supermarket: Shop Rite (Bernardsville),  Wegman’s  (Raritan)
  • Best Veterinarian: Meyersville Veterinary Group (Stirling)
  • Best ER Veterinarian: AniMerge (Raritan) But it’s expensive!
  • Best Barber: (Old School) Liberty Corner Barbershop (Liberty Corner),  Barber Shop at Far Hills
  • Best Gas Station for Gas: Shell (Basking Ridge)
  • Best Auto Body: Millington Auto Body (Millington)
  • Best Nail Salon: Prestigious Nails (Warren)
  • Best Pedicure: Kim’s Nails (Summit)
  • Best Local Cabinet Maker: Jeff Melick Carpentry
  • Best Local Business Networking Group: The Oak Tree Networking Group (Basking Ridge)
  • Best Local Tree Service: Keiling Tree (Basking Ridge)
  • Best Christmas Tree Place: Great Swamp

Still Looking For a Few – Tell Us!

  • Best Coffee
  • Best Sangria (white and red)
  • Best Thai: Tell Us
  • Best Medical Emergency Walk In : Someone please tell us!
  • Best Car Wash: Gus & Bucky’s (Bedminster & Rt 22 Bridgewater) Looking for a double confirmation 🙂
  • Best Moving Company: Tell Us
  • Best Dog Groomer: Tell Us
  • Best Hair Salon: TALC (Far Hills) Looking for a double confirmation 🙂
  • Best Vegetarian Joint: Tell Us

Have a “Best Of” To Share?

If you don’t agree, that’s fine. Post your category, place, town and why.

Also check out the Facebook Group – Jersey’s Epic Comfort Food group discussion.

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Initial Post : September 12, 2017
Last Updated: April 8, 2022

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  1. Dorothy Donnelly-Brienza

    Best Car Wash: Gus and Bucky’s Pluckemin
    Best Bagels: Lil’ Pickels Pluckemin
    Best Thai: Origin- Basking Ridge or Thai Kitchen Bridgewater
    Best Hair Salon: Salvatore Minardi’s Madison
    Best Emergency Care Walk In: Somerset Valley Urgent Care Bedminster
    Best Mexican: Casa Luna Somerville
    Best Greek: Kyma Greek Cuisine Somerville

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