What’s the Unofficial Sandwich of Basking Ridge? We Have a Winner

WE HAVE A WINNER. How often do you get to actually participate in history? Now you do. There is a battle going on in the town of Basking Ridge where the Mr. Local History Project has connected with the town’s oldest deli to battle it out for the right to name the “Unofficial Sandwich of Bernards Township.” Voting has been fierce and it looks like it’s going to come down to last minute voters who’ve been debating this for years. Put to a vote by local residents, they have spoken!

We Have a Winner – The “Town Special” Wins Community Vote

Congratulations to Brush’s Deli invention – The “Town Special” who was voted the “Unofficial Sandwich of Basking Ridge” by local residents. Pictured here is actually a “SUPER Town Special” with BACON!

After a month of voting, the Town Special has been voted the “Unofficial Sandwich of Basking Ridge.” The mouth watering turkey and Swiss on rye with cole slaw and Russian dressing has been a favorite since it was coined back in the 80’s . To celebrate this grand proclamation, Mr. Local History has donated a limited number of official Bernards Township flags that will be given away FREE to anyone ordering two Town Specials over the next month. One per customer please. Stop in to Brush’s Deli for all the details and congratulations to Brush’s Deli for over 3 generations of service to the community and to the Town Special, the unofficial sandwich of Basking Ridge.

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Close Contenders

Two sandwiches were battling it out since we started. At 25 votes – tied. At 100 votes – virtually tied. 175 votes – virtually tied 200 tied, 240 we had a break and could make a call as we tie the results to our just released Retrospective: Brush’s Deli Serving The Community for Three Generations as the oldest deli in the township.

Down to the wire, there were a number of contenders for the title. One is a breakfast monster, called “The Monster”, a sandwich made for two including double what you’d normally have on a typical breakfast sandwich. The classic sloppy joe sandwich was another contender serving up a triple deck beauty including a combination of turkey and roast beef, Swiss, cole slaw, and Russian dressing on soft rye. And last but not least there’s the “House Special” a combination of roast beef, horse radish mayo, lettuce and Swiss cheese on rye.

Voting Results – July 13, 2022

Democracy in Action – You Can Still State Your Favorite

Here’s your chance to be part of local history. You get two votes to vote for what you feel should be the Unofficial Sandwich of Basking Ridge (Bernards Township).

We’re going to wrap it up soon, so make your voice heard.

Read about the history of Basking Ridge’s oldest standing deli. Click Here

Retrospective: Brush’s Deli Serving the community for over three generations

Brush’s deli has been serving the community for three generations. Look for an upcoming retrospective on the history of this iconic local establishment in the Basking Ridge Village of Bernards Township, New Jersey.

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