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Grand Mansions and Historic Homes in the Somerset Hills

Natirar and Blairsden Mr Local History Keepsakes header
Natirar and Blairsden Mr Local History Keepsakes – two of the most famous mansions in the Somerset Hills of northern Somerset County, New Jersey.

Many people have asked why post all this history stuff on the area you’re calling the Somerset Hills. Well, call it passion. Call it intrigue. Call it local awareness. I think that the main reason is whenever I asked a question about history in the area, the information wasn’t available. I didn’t want to wait to go to the library, and I didn’t have time to go to the local historical society. But I moved to the area and said, “If I’m gonna be a local, I need to learn something about the history”.  The Somerset Hills is often called the area of the “Landed Gentry” giving luster to this historic area.

With names like Mars, Merck, Pfizer, Kean, Whitman, and even President Trump, the Somerset Hills is full of great estates and mansions. In today’s era of “give it to me now”, we’ve become a bit spoiled regarding information. We want it fast and we want it now. So here it is… my masterpiece.

Below is our updated creation called a mashup. We take historic information and post it to a google map so people can click to learn about a property, and even visit it if they so choose. The list of the properties is listed below. Please make sure you respect private property.

The Cat’s Meow is one of the world’s most iconic collectible series. Mr. Local History started creating the Somerset Hills Historic Village back in 2018.

The New Jersey Historic Village keepsake collection is a wood painted collectible series honoring historic iconic buildings, properties, and fixtures that are part of the historic fabric of New Jersey’s history. Each keepsake was selected based on community feedback and a voting process. Brooks Betz stated, “we’re really excited to see how the public reacts to the next additions to this historic series.” The Mr. Local History Project plans to introduce at least four new keepsakes in 2021. Simply sign up to receive updates when the new pieces will become available.

History of the Cat's Meow Village of Wooster, Ohio - Mr. Local History Project
History of the Cat’s Meow Village of Wooster, Ohio
Welcome to Blairsden and Natirar to the Somerset County Village.
Battle of Somerset County’s Estate Titans – Natirar vs. Blairsden. You decide.

Additional keepsakes will be added to the Somerset Hills collection as part of a multi-year effort to promote and preserve history in the Somerset Hills including Bedminster, Bernards Twp., Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack and Gladstone. “There are so many great historic icons in the Somerset Hills and we were really excited to launch the keepsake program.

Why Somerset Hills?

The Somerset Hills is a New Jersey area in Somerset County including the towns of Bedminster, Basking Ridge/Bernards Township, Bernardsville, Far Hills, and Peapack/Gladstone. Wow that’s a mouthful. In an effort to open up history of this area on the internet, we’ve partnered with a number of non-profit historical societies and local historical efforts to assist their transition to the internet. But as it took a long time to create history, it’s going to take a while to bend some minds and get some to understand that the internet is just a different way to communicate information.

YouTube Channel

Take a look at one of our playlists on our Mr. Local History YouTube Channel showcasing some of these fantastic mansions.

Map Identified Locations:

  • Alward Homestead / Alward Farmhouse
  • Bedminster Hotel / Howard Hotel / Willie’s Tavern
  • Boudinot-Southard-Ross Property
  • Coffee House – 1804 House (Private)
  • Dr. Henry and Phoebe Vanderveer House
  • Essex Hunt Club – Private
  • Far Hills Race Meeting Site
  • Gladstone Train Station
  • Historic District – Basking Ridge,Historic District – Franklin Corners,Historic District –
  • Lamington,Historic District – Liberty Corner,Historic District – Pluckemin,Historic District – Pottersville
  • Jacobus Vanderveer House (Public)
  • Jockey Hollow – Morristown Ntl Historic Park
  • John Jacob Astor Estate (Public)
  • Lamington Black Cemetery
  • Lord Stirling Manor
  • Lore – Devil’s Tomb,Lore – Jacobs Ladder
  • Lore – Phareloch Haunted Castle (Private),
  • Lore – The Devil Tree
  • Lore – Vealtown Tavern
  • Mansion – Blairsden (Private)
  • Mansion – Boulderwood (Private)
  • Mansion – Craigmore (Private)
  • Mansion – Hamilton Farm (Public/Private)
  • Mansion – Mosey/Hillandale Estate – (Private)
  • Mansion – Natirar Estate – Kate Macy Ladd
  • Mansion – Peachcroft (Private)
  • Mansion – Shale House (Private)
  • Mansion – Stronghold (Private)
  • Mansion – The Maples
  • Mansion – Trump / Delorean Estate
  • Mansion – Upton Pyne (Private)
  • Mansion – USGA Museum – Frothingham Estate,Mansion – Kenilwood (Private),Mansion – Yademos (Private)
  • McDonald’s/Kline’s Mills (Private)
  • Mellick – This Old Farm
  • Peapack Limestone Kiln
  • Pluckemin Artillery Encampment (Private)
  • Reynolds – Scherman House (Private)
  • The Brick Academy
  • Widow White’s Tavern Site

Originally posted: May 2007

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