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"The Founding Four" signers of the 501c3 non-profit founding Mr. Local History Project. In our signature caricature fashion we introduce Paula Axt, Brooks Betz, Jill Betz, and Meg Wastie. All residents of the Somerset Hills and on the mission to develop programs focused on education and local history.

Post Views: 16,971 “Out of adversity comes opportunity” is the genesis for the Mr. Local History Project. After being a non-paid volunteer for over a decade, the Mr. Local History project was born. Started by Basking Ridge resident Brooks Betz, we’re dedicated to providing all kinds of local research and stories from the area we call home. We are not a historical society. The Mr. Local History Project is a 501c3 all volunteer non-profit organization that brings locals together dedicated to “promoting local history with a social twist.” The project…

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