The Mr. Local History Historic Marker Scavenger Hunt

It's the Mr. Local History Historic Marker Challenge

It’s time to grab your smartphone and head outdoors for a new adventure for history buffs. The Mr. Local History Project has been traveling all over northern Somerset County trying to locate some of the most obvious and obscure historic markers in the area.

Each marker discusses a historic moment from our areas past. The fun part is we’re making it a challenge. We’ve identified 31 signs in the Somerset Hills towns of Bedminster, Bernards, Bernardsville, and Peapack. Question is, can you find them?

Three Legs

We’ve broken down the markers into three logical legs to make it easier. Just keep track of where you find the plaque as well. We’ll have bonus questions later in the game. Good Luck and happy hunting.

Bedminster – Peapack Leg #1
Bernards Township Leg #2
Bernards Twp = Bernardsville Leg #3

Download Your Marker List and Get Started Today!

Our contest is simple. Find the sign and take a “selfie picture” of it. Download your checklist and start the hunt today! Any questions, drop us a note.


Download your checklist and get started today!
Where IS Mr. Local History
Where IS Mr Local History

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  1. I have over 400 historic markers in my Facebook albums. Too much work to send, but I have them. Took all photos myself! 🤘😁

  2. Local History

    That’s amazing.

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