1932 Krug’s Tavern – Wooden Collectible Honors Jersey’s BEST

Krug's Tavern Anniversary Wooden Keepsake

Post Views: 495 Krug’s Tavern, a shot and beer joint that’s survived thru WW2, the Riots, and gentrification, the four generations continue the family legacy with this legendary New Jersey tavern. Now Krug’s has reached its 90th anniversary and the non Profit Mr. Local History Project honors this monumental achievement introducing a new keepsake collectible of the tavern on wood to honor the 90 years serving New Jersey. 2022 – Krug’s Turns 90 – NJ’s Best Burger Stop Earns HonorsNow A Wooden Keepsake Souvenir Honors Krug’s History To honor the…

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Deep Dive: Krug’s Tavern – Preserving Newark’s History

Newark's Krug's Tavern #1 burger celebrates history

Post Views: 951 The Mr. Local History Project (MLH) has been preserving and promoting Jersey local history since the non-profit was established in 2019. For this piece, we are on a mission to create the definitive online history of Krug’s Tavern, an Ironbound Newark landmark family institution. Krug’s Tavern, a shot and beer joint that’s survived thru WW2, the Riots, and gentrification, the four generations continue the family legacy with this legendary watering hole. Now Krug’s has reached its 90th anniversary, the non Profit Mr. Local History Project honors this…

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Donating Makes a Huge Difference

The Mr. Local History Project Trustees 2021

Post Views: 3,591 Did you just send a message or request?Can you help with a small donation?Community appreciation is key to showing you appreciate all we do. The Mr. Local History Project is a 501c3 all volunteer non-profit organization. We have two goals. One is to create an ongoing scholarship fund to present annually to a Senior High School recipient. The second is to promote local history and create programs with a social twist. Your pledge goes fully to support those two efforts. Pledge Your Support – Help Preserve and…

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The Race of Gentlemen – Pure History Right in Front of Your Eyes

TROG 2021 Wildwood NJ - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 906 Known as The Race of Gentlemen, the event has been a resurrected event dating back to the 50s by a local club called the Oilers of New Jersey. For one weekend in early October, racers, gassers, and fans gather on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey for one of only two instances of beach racing in the United States. The Mr. Local History Project takes a look at this iconic event and its history. Tucked between the Atlantic Ocean and one of America’s most popular boardwalks, the…

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The Annin’s of Liberty Corner: Patriots, Flag Company and a Middle School

William Annin - Annins Corner, Liberty Corner, William Annin Middle School Mr. Local History Project

Post Views: 1,937 William Annin has a prominent place in the history of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Liberty Corner, and yes the William Annin Middle School. The Mr. Local History Project looks back at one of Liberty Corner’s founding families known worldwide for their manufacturing of “old glory” that have been placed around the world and even on the moon! The Patriots:John Johnston, known as John Annin from Annin’s Corner (Liberty Corner) John Johnston was born in Annandale, a district in southeastern Scotland named for the river Annan. The area…

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Independence Day – New Jersey Signers Deserve Credit

Five NJ Signers of the Declaration of Independence - Mr Local History

Post Views: 2,089 Welcome to the “Jersey Five” of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence. Richard Stockton John Witherspoon Abraham Clark Francis Hopkinson John Hart Early in 1776, while the state believed in separation, there was heated discussions between the Patriots and the Loyalists. As the issue heated up, the New Jersey state convention replaced all their delegates with those favoring the separation.The Provincial Congress arrested Royal Governor William Franklin (Ben’s son) at his Proprietary House in Perth Amboy and voted to replace the New Jersey delegation. Abraham…

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The American Flag Means Annin in Liberty Corner

Flag Day - Annin Flag Company - Annin Liberty Corner - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 1,328 The American Flag means more in Bernards Township and Liberty Corner. Any event that involves an American Flag has its center thanks to the Annin’s of Liberty Corner. So if you have an event that needs an American Flag, the Annin Flag should be the first choice. Let’s see why. Flag Day is celebrated every June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Many don’t know Flag Day has direct ties…

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Betsy Ross is Buried in Basking Ridge

Betsy Ross Painting with General Washington

Post Views: 3,358 Local Lore –Flag Designer Betsy Ross and her Basking Ridge Ties “Here lies the woman who made the first banner containing the stars and stripes after that honored old ensign had been adopted, June 14, 1776.” July 4, 1876 speech given by E.M. Pennington in Basking Ridge, NJ Betsy Ross’s name at her death was actually Elizabeth (Betsy) Griscom Ross Ashburn Claypoole. Claypoole was a Morris County man. June 14 commemorates Flag Day the birthday of the first U.S. flag, was supposedly made by Betsy Ross (1752-1836)…

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