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The American Flag means more in Bernards Township and Liberty Corner. Any event that involves an American Flag has its center thanks to the Annin’s of Liberty Corner. So if you have an event that needs an American Flag, the Annin Flag should be the first choice. Let’s see why.

Flag Day is celebrated every June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Many don’t know Flag Day has direct ties to a small New Jersey hamlet known as the village of Liberty Corner, an American town with an American story. So does Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and any other event that involves an American Flag.

Flag Day is June 14th but it’s flag day every day in Liberty Corner! The June 14th date honors the day on June 14, 1777 when our first Continental Congress approved our first flag.

The Mr. Local History Project looks back at one of Liberty Corner, New Jersey’s founding families who are known worldwide for their manufacturing of “old glory” that have been seen around the world and even on the moon.

Liberty Corner for the Memorial Day parade.

Annin’s Corner and the Liberty Pole

Nothing has been more profound to Liberty Corner than the Annin family. The Annin Flag Company was founded in Verona, New Jersey by Alexander Annin (Grandson of William Annin) and three of his siblings who’s Scottish heritage landed them in what was then known as Annin’s Corner back in the 1720s.

Artist rendering of the Annin Farmstead which was just down the street from the English Farm known now as Liberty Corner. John Annin’s son William grew the farmstead to over 2,700 acres.
The painting is said to be from the 1850s.

The Annin’s are one of the founding families of what was originally known as the Basking Ridge area. Back in the early 1700s many Scottish families fled religious persecution and landed in the area based on information gathered from other Scots in the same situation.

Johnathan Johnston purchased land and the area and the area soon became known as Annin’s Corner. When the Revolutionary war began, Annin’s Corner was situated between Continental army encampments in Middlebrook (Bound Brook) and Morristown and when a liberty pole was anchored in the village center the name was changed to Liberty Corner.

The home of William Alexander in Liberty Corner, the great grandfather of the founders of the Annin Flag Company.

Annins and the Flag Company

In company history, 1766 is most significant not for William Annin’s stone house being built just of Lyons Road, but for the birth of Alexander Annin , the youngest son of William and the father of the Alexander Annin who started the flag making venture.

The world’s largest and oldest flag company, Annin & Co. and its 500 employees produce literally miles of stripes and a multitude of stars that go into 15 million U.S. flags a year. All are made in the U.S.A.—at manufacturing plants in Verona, N.J. (pop. 13,533), South Boston, Va. (pop, 8,491), and Coshocton, Ohio (pop. 11,682).

The Annin Flag Company story began when Alexander Annin opened a ship chandlery at 99 Fulton Street in lower Manhattan in 1820. He was just 23 years old, the third Annin son in a family of 11 children. But it was his sons Edward and Benjamin Annin that formally founded the Annin Flag Company in 1847 cementing their place in American history becoming the largest American flagmaker in the world.

The early years of the Annin family of what is now known as Liberty Corner.

Edward and Benjamin Annin

At the time of his retirement from active business, in January 1847, Alexander’s (John Annan’s great grandson) two older sons, Edward and Benjamin, founded the House of Annin. Edward and Benjamin were just 15 and 13 when they started the flag business within their father’s existing nautical flag business. Phebe Annin Ames Palmer, Alexander’s only daughter lived to the age 103 and was also part of the family business.

This hand-painted sign hung at Annin’s location on 99–101 Fulton Street. The company still has the sign, currently displayed at its offices in Roseland, New Jersey.
Called “Old Glory Corner” at 99-101 Fulton Street, Manhattan in the mid-1800’s

Alexander’s first American flag had only 29 stars. Every U.S. Presidential inauguration since Zachary Taylor’s, in 1849, has included an Annin flag. Annin flags went with Commander Robert Peary to the North Pole (1909), with Admiral Richard Byrd to the South Pole (1929), and with Neil Armstrong to the moon (1969). An Annin flag was the first to unfurl over Iwo Jima (1945) and the first to fly over the ruins of the World Trade Center after 9/11. Annin first 29 star flag welcomed Iowa to the Union. Then 21 more followed. But the longest stretch of any American flag is the 50th lasting since 1960 when Hawaii joined the United States.

Story for the Ages

One of Annin’s most treasured legends involves a woman who came into the Fulton Street showroom to buy a Confederate flag—and who drew blood from her finger to illustrate the shade of red she wanted for it. She turned out to be the widow of Jefferson Davis, who had been president of the Southern Confederacy during the Civil War. A true story.

Annin Archives

Where Have Annin’s Flags Been

No other flag company has been shown prominently than American flags made by the Annin Flag Company. In fact, in American history, if you saw an American flag, chances are it was an Annin flag. And it’s not just old glory that makes Annin proud, they’ve commissioned many other flags throughout American history. Take a look.

The Annin Flag Company is the oldest and largest flag company in America. Annin American flags were the first to be planted on the moon, first at the North and South Poles, draped Abraham Lincoln’s coffin, and stood atop the World Trade Center the morning of 9/11.
Raising the Annin flag on Iwo Jima. Annin Flag Company
On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and "Buzz” Aldrin stepped out from the Lunar Module and planted an Annin-made U.S. flag on the moon's surface, where it remains today.
On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin stepped out from the Lunar Module and planted an Annin-made U.S. flag on the moon’s surface, where it remains today.
The Annin Flag Company is also commissioned to create the Bernards Township flag and the POW MIA flag. What many don’t know is the Bernards flag has two leaves, representing the two hundred year history of the township back in 1960. The POW MIA flag was designed by Newt Heisley of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
When Bernards Township celebrated its 250th anniversary back in 2010, the Annin Flag Company was the only choice to make the flag. At Town Hall, the flag was designed by township resident Cathy Mondoro (C.J. Designs) and produced/donated by the Annin Flag Company. Source: The Basking Ridge Patch
The Annin emblem on a Mr. Local History flag.

Folding the Flag

How to fold an American Flag

And as they say “The rest is history”….

Liberty Corner and Flags

Celebrating our country, our war heroes, and the flag all part of life in Liberty Corner.

Old Glory on Church Street in Liberty Corner.
Liberty Corner Veterans Plaque 1949
Liberty Corner Veterans Plaque 1949 beneath what historically has been known as the “liberty pole” where Liberty Corner got its name.
Memorial Day celebration at the “Liberty Pole” and WW memorial.

Additional Information

Annandale Scotland just south of Glasgow alongside the Annan River. We did notice that Annandale is just next to Lockerbie, site of the horrific terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Click Here to view map

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