THE First American Flag and Middlebrook, New Jersey

Washington Campground Flag Mr Local History

Post Views: 1,216 Isn’t it great when you think you knew about something only to find out that someone else has showed up with a different answer? Well, I hate to admit it but I think it’s been done to us again. Did you know the FIRST flying of the official American flag was a small 1777 campground in Middlebrook, New Jersey? TRUE. Where Was That First American Flag Flown?MIDDLEBROOK in BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY! So you’re driving back and forth to work, down 287 then east to Route 22 day…

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Annin History Book Donated to Bernards Library

Post Views: 97 It took a bit, but finally the book of the 175 year history of the Annin Flag Company has finally made it to the Bernards Library. And what more appropriate day to present the collectible book but on Flag Day, June 14. The book was given to Brooks Betz, who has been working on building a relationship with the Annin Flag Company who is also producing the official Bernards Township Flag for the Mr. Local History Project. But Betz felt that the book belongs to the town,…

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The American Flag Means Annin in Liberty Corner

Annin Flag Day Banner Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 1,520 Flag Day is celebrated every June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Many don’t know Flag Day has direct ties to two small New Jersey hamlets in Liberty Corner and Middlebrook. Liberty Corner is an American town with an American story. UPDATE: Folding the Flag Annin’s Corner and the Liberty Pole The Mr. Local History Project looks back at one of Liberty Corner, New Jersey’s founding families who are known…

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Bernards Township Flag Honors Bernards Township’s History

Mr Local History Project Fundraiser - Bernards Township Flag

Post Views: 854 For the First Time in 62 Years, Fundraiser Offers Exclusive Large Bernards Township Flag Made by the Annin Flag Company For the first time in 62 years, an original Bernards Township flag by the Annin Flag Company is available as a fundraiser where you can share your pride in the community. This fundraiser offers a large Bernards Township exclusive flag produced by the Annin Flag Company allowing residents to honor Bernards Township. Now is your chance own a piece of our history with the the flag designed…

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Bernards Township Flag For Every Student – Project Local Ambassador

Imagine being a kid in the and not having a Bernards Township flag. Help us fill local classrooms and give ALL kids a flag.Join the effort to put a Bernards flag in every kids hand. #bernardsflag - Click the Paypal link below and make a difference!

Post Views: 1,153 Called “Project Local Ambassador” – Join the Mr. Local History Project as we launch a campaign to raise funds to present every resident and elementary school student a Bernards Township flag. Please share with #bernardsflags tag. Project Ambassador Wall of Fame – Thank you for your financial support Emily Johnston Brooks Clinton Patricia Brosnan Deidre Hollock James Baldassare Jr Lisa Renaud Dan & Pam Vonbargen Sharon Creeden Deborah Marcus Deborah Marcus Nancy D’Andrea Carolyn Gaziano Jennifer Asay Barbara Long (Wabba Travel) Peter Capizzi Is Your Name Here?…

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History of The Bernards Township Flag

Banner Mr Local History Bernards Township Flag

Post Views: 1,247 Bernards Township has an impressive history that dates back to the early 1600s. One of the things that the Mr. Local History Project started digging into are the origins of the Bernards Township official flag. Let’s see what we’ve found. As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our internet community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available. If you have a comment or photo, feel free to post at the…

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The American Flagman Honors Patriotism Everyday

Nick Foster the American Flagman

Post Views: 4,200 Basking Ridge, New Jersey A mans love of country and his personal patriotism keeps American flags flying. NOW HE NEEDS EVERYONE’S SUPPORT! Nick Sant Foster served in the US Marine Corps reserve in the early 1960’s. “Putting up the flags is an expression of love, love for our country.” Our big problem right now is terrorism, which is fear, and the great cure of fear is love. Love heals fear.”  Foster notes that his efforts are just as important today as it was when he started. “I…

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The Annin’s of Liberty Corner: Patriots, Flag Company and a Middle School

William Annin - Annins Corner, Liberty Corner, William Annin Middle School Mr. Local History Project

Post Views: 2,054 William Annin has a prominent place in the history of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Liberty Corner, and yes the William Annin Middle School. The Mr. Local History Project looks back at one of Liberty Corner’s founding families known worldwide for their manufacturing of “old glory” that have been placed around the world and even on the moon! The Patriots:John Johnston, known as John Annin from Annin’s Corner (Liberty Corner) John Johnston was born in Annandale, a district in southeastern Scotland named for the river Annan. The area…

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