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Annin History Book Donated to Bernards Library

It took a bit, but finally the book of the 175 year history of the Annin Flag Company has finally made it to the Bernards Library. And what more appropriate day to present the collectible book but on Flag Day, June 14. The book was given to Brooks Betz, who has been working on building a relationship with the Annin Flag Company who is also producing the official Bernards Township Flag for the Mr. Local History Project. But Betz felt that the book belongs to the town, so the donation finally was completed to honor the Annins, the American flag, and Bernards Township

June 14, 2022 – Rachel Talbert from the Bernards Township Public Library accepts a donation of the book “Annin Flagmakers – An Illustrated History” from Brooks Betz, part of the Mr. Local History Project which is also based in Bernards Township.

I’d like to personally thank Chuck Opramolla from the Annin Flag Company for finding a copy of the sold out book. It’s especially important that the library has this book as it ties back to the history of the Annin family who helped found Liberty Corner in Bernards Township.

Annin Flagmakers: An Illustrated History by Mariqan Calabro. Publisher: Annin & Co., Inc. January 1, 2013
The Annins of what was originally Annin’s Corner later became Liberty Corner, New Jersey. William’s grandson Alexander Annin was the founder of Annin & Co. which later became the Annin Flag Company, now the largest flagmaker in the world.

The 96 page color book is an incredible look back at the 175 years of New Jersey’s Annin Flag Company that has been responsible for creating almost every American flag in America’s history since 1847. From Lincon’s funeral, Iwo Jima, to the World Trade Center, to the fist American flag on the Moon, first atop Mt. Everest, first to the North AND South Poles, if you remember seeing an American flag in history, it was probably an Annin flag. The book is a complete history of the company, the flag, the past, and the future.

If you’d like to take a look at the book, check first with the Reference Librarian and see where they catalog and store the book.
If you can’t get to the library, there’s a digital version – Click Here

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