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The American Flagman Honors Patriotism Everyday

Basking Ridge, New Jersey

A mans love of country and his personal patriotism keeps American flags flying. NOW HE NEEDS EVERYONE’S SUPPORT!

Nick Sant Foster served in the US Marine Corps reserve in the early 1960’s. “Putting up the flags is an expression of love, love for our country.” Our big problem right now is terrorism, which is fear, and the great cure of fear is love. Love heals fear.”  Foster notes that his efforts are just as important today as it was when he started. “I love this country and I love our flag,” noted Sant Foster.

“I love this country and I love our flag.”

NICK Sant Foster – bASKING rIDGE, nEW jeRSEY
The American Flag Man courtesy of VideoTrekker Films

Meet Nick Sant Foster – The Flag Man

Have you ever seen those American flags on highway overpasses and wondered “Gee, I wonder who puts up those American flags on the highway overpasses?” Meet Nick Sant Foster, known locally as “The Flagman” who shows love of country and takes personal pride at his own expense to keep the American flag flying.

Sant Foster does not know who originally placed the flags on the overpasses, but suspects it was one person. In any event, “I’ve been really impressed how often people stop while I’m putting up or repairing a flag.”

Sant Foster moved to Basking Ridge in 1996. Prior to that, Nick lived in Bernardsville (16 years) as a photographer and writer. The American flags cover bridges within a 45 mile radius including Interstate 287 and Route 78. Most of the flags have been 3’x5′. 4′ x 5′. Locally, you can find flags draping the Martinsville Road and Somerville Road I-78 overpasses, and Oak Street crossing Route 287.  “Do you know why I use the big ones there?” asks Sant Foster, “Because that’s the highest visible cross point in the area.”

You might also have seen Nick in his spare time during the holidays. Sant Foster can normally be found at the Christmas Eve caroling event in downtown Basking Ridge dressed as the “Candy Cane Hat Man”, handing out candy canes to the children on the town green. Again, he buys everything using his own money, year after year. Nick also volunteers at the Lyons VA Veterans Hospital Campus in nearby Lyons, New Jersey and also at the Woman’s Correctional Facility in nearby Clinton.

The Flag Project

“Nick the Patriot Flagman” has been putting out his own personal money to hang American flags. Many have been blown away by this man’s generosity and patriotism which is why  I’m compelled to get his message out and help him raise the estimated $800 he spends every year hanging American flags on roadway overpasses.

Donate to The Flag Project

How can you help Nick the Flagman and The Flag Project? We at the Mr. Local History Project thought it’d be easier to raise $1 each from 800 people verses $800 from one person. So if you’d like to  support this grass roots effort, we hope you’d  consider making an online donation  to support “The Flag Project”.

He Needs Our Support!!!!!

Please stuff a few bucks in the flagmans project can!

Make Nick’s day great by sending him a contribution gift. How great would it be when Nick goes to his mailbox and finds that the community cares about what he does.

Nicholas Sant Foster
24 N Finley Avenue,
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920

Keep the Flag Project campaign alive! Donate whatever you can.


Each one of these flags will be taken down after this event and used to replace the tattered flags along the area’s highways, overpasses, and roadways that need replacing.

Where is “The Flag Man of Basking Ridge?

If you see Nick, or any of his flags, snap a picture and send in!

It’s a grass roots effort at its best! Mr. Sant Foster was a freelance photographer associated with the Image Bank (now part of Getty Images) and a photography teacher at Drew University. He is a former resident of Bernardsville and currently resides in Basking Ridge.

Additional Information:

Original Post: October 10, 2010
Updated: June 22, 2021

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