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The Basking Ridge Historic Oak Tree Project Keepsake Book Release.

Basking Ridge Historic Oak Tree Project is one of the most heartwarming books ever made to celebrate the life and history of the 619 year oak tree that was lost in 2017. A true collectible. Source: Mr local history
Basking Ridge Historic Oak Tree Project is one of the most heartwarming books ever made to celebrate the life and history of the 619 year oak tree that was lost in 2017. A true collectible. Source: Mr local history

If you’ve been touched by the story of the Basking Ridge Historic Oak Tree’s 600 year history, you have to see this new book. “The Historic Basking Ridge Oak Tree Project” is a compilation of the areas children from Kindergarten through High School who have written or drawn pictures of one of the most historic trees in America.

Book with a Cause – Publisher Donates $ from Every Purchase

The keepsake book is a fundraiser that not only includes some of the most touching writings and images, but it also gives back to the community. Up to $10 from each book sale is donated. T3 Consortium (the publisher) has also agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds to a local history scholarship fund.

Below are a few examples from the 145 page collection of stories and images of the Great White Oak of Basking Ridge (Click Images to enlarge):

Project Essence

The Basking Ridge Historic Oak Tree Project sought students from kindergarten through high school to participate in The Historical Society of Somerset Hills “Tree Views” writing contest and the William Annin Tree Shirt Contest & Fundraiser. The essay premise was that students would write as if they were the historic oak and describe events they felt notable. Every school in Bernards Township participated including Cedar Hill School, Liberty Corner School, Mount Prospect School, Oak Street School, William Annin Middle School, Ridge High School, and the St. James Catholic School and one from the Assumption School. The tree shirt contest raised over $5440 selling tee shirts while the Historical Society presented a $500 scholarship to the High School essay winner.

Online Ordering

The inaugural run of the book became available on Thursday, June 8, 2017 starting at 7pm at a the Tree Views  Essay Reception at the historic Brick Academy, home to The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills, located at 18 W. Oak Street, Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The venue was moved to the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church’s Westminster Hall when over 100 guests registered to attend the event.

Books are now available online:

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Additional Books

This is the 2nd book that T3 Consortium has partnered with Mr. Local History. The other is a 36 page coloring book entitled; Somerset Hills History Coloring Book.

The coloring book is available now at the Mr. Local History Store as well – Click Here

Coloring History Opportunity for Kids

T3 Consortium, a local company in the Somerset Hills, is proud to announce a new program for education programs to create a great program to make available for children while teaching them about some of the greatest historic people, places, and events in New Jersey’s Somerset Hills area including Bedminster, Bernards Twp, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack & Gladstone.

What better way to teach kids about local history than by having them color some of the greatest events in Somerset Hills history with over 34 historic images including:

Basking Ridge – The historic 600 year old oak tree

Bernardsville – Phyllis the Ghost
Bedminster – General Knox and the Vanderveer House
Pluckemin  – America’s First Military Academy
Basking Ridge – The capture of General Lee
Peapack/Gladstone – The great lime kiln
Somerset Hills – The great Lene-Lenape Indians



Somerset Hills Coloring Book Cover

Program Ideas

For Schools (Pre-K thru 5th grades)

A great idea is to distribute the book to each student, pick maybe one image per week, tell a brief story about the event, person or location. Let the students either do it in class, or take home for an assignment.

For Camp Leaders

Do the same as the school program, or consider doing some sort of event where the children get to color an image (their choice or yours) and then they get to tell about what they did when they complete the drawing (e.g. color selection or maybe adding an activity where the child gets to write something the person in the image might have said.

For Historic Organizations

Pick the image that you like the best (e.g. your facility or story), have the children complete a xeroxed copy of that image. When they present their colored image back, post them on the wall. THEN, when they think they’re done, GIVE EACH OF THEM THEIR OWN BOOK! Watch their eyes light up! Then create a follow up activity and have the kids (and their parents) come back to your facility. A great traffic enhancer!

For Real Estate Agents

Yes, real estate agents! What better way to welcome a new family to town than with a coloring book for their kids that shows them the rich history of the Somerset Hills area. For such a small gesture, imagine how happy the kids will be when they get the chance to color historic figures from their new town. A nice touch to say the least!

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If you have any additional ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to post your comments below or drop us a note – Click Here

Thanks! And keep on sharing our local history!