The H-GOAT GAME – Loved Businesses Lost In Somerset Hills History #HGOAT

Are you ready to REMEMBER? Businesses we loved and lost in the Somerset Hills - Mr. Local History #HGOAT

Post Views: 944 The Mr. Local History Project is going to find out what were the most loved businesses that we lost in the Somerset Hills over the last fifty years. Follow the fun with hashtag #hgoat. CHAMPIONSHIP – FRIDAY, MARCH 13CONSOLATION MATCHUP – THURSDAY, MARCH 12THE FINAL FOUR – WEDS-FRI MARCH 11-13, 2020ELITE ROUND OF 8 STARTS MONDAY NIGHT, MARCH 9, 2020 SWEET 16 ROUND 3 STARTS SATURDAY, MARCH 7, 2020 ROUND 2 STARTS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4, 2020. ROUND 1 COMPLETE MARCH 3, 2020 – The field is cut…

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Virtual Tour of Historic Basking Ridge Village

Basking Ridge Downtown - Mr. Local History

Post Views: 1,513 We’ve been testing out a new piece of technology and wanted to share with our community. The project is to compliment what has traditionally been a guided walking tour in Basking Ridge. We’re thinking of hiring one of the docents to walk through this virtual tour to get as close to taking a real tour. TIP: Watch it on your laptop first. Then try watching it on your phone. The phone version is like your camera is on and you’re actually walking on the streets of Basking…

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History Helps Realtors Sell Real Estate

Mr Local History and Realtors Unite

Post Views: 720 Realtors History Guide to Selling Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Bedminster and the Rest of the Somerset Hills, New Jersey It probably comes as no surprise that realtors have a fairly easy time selling homes in Bernards Township and the surrounding Somerset Hills area. With its top ranked schools, highway access to the rest of the state, easy access to railroads and a relatively low tax rate. Now comes the secret. How you can differentiate yourself as a realtor using Mr. Local History. First off, we never thought of…

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Growing Up at the Cranford Canoe Club

Post Views: 4,730 When you’re a kid, often the most simple things in life end up be the ones you remember the most.  As one of three kids in my family growing up in nearby Westfield, New Jersey, the Cranford Boat and Canoe Company, also known as the Cranford Canoe Club brought life lessons and friendships that live with me almost every day.  With all the experiences, workers, friends, and family, the Cranford Canoe Club will never be forgotten. I started working at the Cranford Canoe Club in 1972 until…

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Mashing Crime Data to Maps and GPS

Mr. Local History Archives - Crime mapping mashup

Post Views: 2,959 Here’s the question. You’re being relocated. You’re moving to a state where you have no friends and family to guide where you should live. It’s Florida, so at least it’s warm. So how do you know which neighborhoods are better than others. Realtors won’t be able to tell you much since their hands are tied with threats of discrimination. So realtor input is iffy at best. School Data is good, but that only tells you about key educational indicators. Sure the pedophile list is important. But what about…

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Social Media for Non-Profits and Historical Societies

Post Views: 2,349 One of the greatest challenges to non-profits and historical societies is the ability to change their business models and become self sufficient. Funding is a great challenge and communicating to various groups, agencies, government officials is critical to their survival. Social media is a relatively new tool that non-profits need to leverage if they’re going to get their word out to the masses. The New Jersey Cultural and Heritage Commission recently held three statewide social media workshops. This workshop was created to introduce and share techniques that…

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Michael Lewis – Characters of The Big Short

Post Views: 34,449 UPDATE: February 29, 2016 Since the release of the best selling book The Big Short. the book is now is officially an Oscar winning movie. The film, five years in the making since Michael Lewis’s book was released, won the Best Screen Play Adaptation Oscar. We’ve added photos not only of the players in the book, but those now made famous in the film. Director and screenwriter Adam McKay stated in his acceptance speech, “If you don’t want big money to control government don’t vote for candidates that take…

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Musuems and Historic Sites Better Change or Face Closing Forever

Post Views: 9,800 Funny how things work. Museums and historic sites are created to save historic works for the public to view and enjoy. But with declining government and corporate financial support, the burden on keeping museums open rely on those who run the museum and those ultimately decide to visit and support them. The alarm is going off – attendence is down, and the funding is drying up. Museums and historic sites are closing. Take a look at New Jersey for example. In New Jersey, one site posted there are 24 public museums…

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Historic Blairsden NJ Mansion For Sale – At a Discount!

Post Views: 44,461 2012 – Turpin Realtors in Far Hills posted that Blairsden, once New Jersey’s largest mansion, is offering  the prestigious estate for sale on its website. Blairsden is noted as probably the most famous mansion in the area, and for a time was one of the greatest mansions in the United States. Details on the offering are limited, and the estate has been completly updated since it was last sold earlier in the mid 2000’s when it was listed for over $6 million. While the estate is still…

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Consolidate 5 NJ Towns NOW – New Somerset Hills Township

New Town Called Somerset Hills?

Post Views: 17,538 Bernardsville News –Consolidation of five local towns advocatedPosted: Friday, July 15, 2011 3:00 am EDITOR: When will enough be enough? The runaway costs for public services have come to a point where hard decisions have to be made and services need cuts, consolidation, or elimination. Will some people be upset? Sure. Some people will be upset. It might become even downright painful. But if we don’t think that municipal taxes, education taxes and county taxes are out of control, you’re either not paying your taxes, or you’ve…

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America’s Oldest Clothing-Optional Club is in Basking Ridge

Post Views: 11,450 Update The Mr. Local History Project recently learned there is a Sky Farm Historical Society under the direction of Janice Gersky that is working to digitize their document and photo archives. Might be time to schedule a visit. America’s First and Finest Naturist Community is Having an Open House Sky Farm Open House Sky Farm Clothing-Optional Club in Basking Ridge, NJ will hold an Open House on Saturday June 11th from 10-4 (Rain Date June 12th). Sky Farm is a safe, family-friendly environment in which to enjoy…

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Communicating Life Stories – Digital Storytelling Oral History

Post Views: 49,118 Communicating Life Stories – Digital Storytelling Oral History Publishing in a Digital Age Technology is moving so fast that sometimes it’s tough to stay in tune with the latest trends. A high school history program teacher at Ridge High School in Bernards Township brought up the opportunity to discuss new technologies around presenting a new oral history project. While there were certainly challenges around the capture of the history, there’s an even greater issue what to do with the recordings once they’ve been captured. Ah…..the presentation. Welcome…

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Flowers for Bernards Townships Birthday/Anniversary

Post Views: 4,379 Buy Now/Plant Now / Support Bernards Township’s Anniversary in 2010. Unique Fundraiser and Colorful Display of your support. If you live in Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner, Lyons, or West Millington, New Jersey you’re part of Bernards Township. Bernards Township has adopted the ‘Flower Drift’ Daffodil as the 250th Anniversary Daffodil for their 250th year! Show your support by planting these daffodils in your yard and Holland Bulb Farms will donate a portion of the proceeds to help cover the cost of the anniversary celebration! THE DAFFODIL PROJECT… TELL YOUR…

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Can Taleo and Linked In Share Information?

Post Views: 7,570 In the Cloud….When will Talent Management bump into Social Networking? At issue with the invention of “the cloud” and virtual software solutions holds the main problem: “How do you get one cloud to talk to another cloud?” Software as a Service (or SaaS), is a great idea in it’s most basic form, but it looks like there’s a storm on the horizon. Users are having trouble big time spending time registering for job postings on a job board, completing a profile for that job board, and then…

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T3 Consortium Gets a Frappr Award for Best Burger in America Mashup!

Frapper Award

Post Views: 9,697 How bout that! T3 Consortium gets the prestegious Platial & Frapper Honorable Mention Map Award in the food category. You can’t beat that…can you? Come share in the success and post your Best Burger in America Story. Read the story…watch the videos…and then post your story of the biggest, fattest, greasiest, beast you ever threw down your throat. Don’t be shy. I know you want to! to read the story and join the fun… Keep it in your browser when you travel so you can stop at…

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