Welcome to History’s “Inner Circle”

Welcome to the Mr. Local History Project, a membership based all volunteer 501C3 non-profit with a mission to preserve and promote history with a social flare in the area we call home.

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COVID -19 Update:
NOW MORE THAN EVER WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. The virus has changed how we support history in our hometown area. PLEASE CONSIDER A SMALL DONATION OR MEMBERSHIP to this small yet fragile 501C3 non-profit. Your donations are fully tax deductible and appreciated. WITH YOUR SUPPORT, WE WILL SURVIVE. BE SAFE-GOD BLESS. AND THANK YOU.

COVID-19 Dr. Steve Appreciation Effort Update:

Join the social history effort. We’re now 1 year old!

Lots of great things are happening at the Mr. Local History Project. Follow our social media as more exciting news becomes available. We’re growing! When you have a passion, funny how others want to join the cause. We’re always looking for people to grow the effort. We hope you enjoy our stories, our events, and the work we do. It’s all volunteer. Join us.

“All History in the Hills” Calendar

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please check with each individual organization to confirm if the organization is open, if the event is still happening, or maybe shifting to a VIRTUAL format to protect the community.

“Today is tomorrow’s history – Live it!”

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The Mr. Local History Magazine

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Normally every quarter we put together our Mr. Local History magazine honoring the local history.

What is the Somerset Hills? Wikipedia Now Knows

After NEVER having a Wikipedia page, the Mr. Local History Project said “enough is enough” and we created one. Now the world can know what “the Somerset Hills” is all about. As part of our “inner circle” join us as we grow the local history community of the Somerset Hills. The MLH Project just loaded the first Wikipedia overview of the Somerset Hills. Check it out.

This is what the Somerset Hills area looked like back in 1850. MLH recreated an original 1850 Somerset County map to refer to showcase the area as it was in 1850. What is now 5 townships and boroughs was once just two. Source: Mr. Local History Project

I wanted the Historical Society’s website. What happened to it?

IF you are looking for The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills website, that website was created & hosted by our parent company T3 Consortium, LLC. In late 2018, THSSH decided to go in a new direction and has a website of their own. They are now somersethillshistoricalsociety.org .