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Welcome to the Mr. Local History Project, a hobbie of mine with a mission to preserve and promote history in the area we call home. If you know hashtagging, we love #mrlocalhistoryproject and #mrlocalhistory all over the internet. We’ve written over 100 stories about local lore, people, and fun local history. We even have an online gift shop grow local history ( #growlocalhistory) to enhance the awareness of the fascinating history of this great area called the “Somerset Hills” including the towns of Bedminster, Bernardsville, Bernards Township, Far Hills, Peapack and Gladstone. No profit is made! EVERY PENNY on our collectibles goes into creating new books about local history, collectibles, or programs.

Local History Keepsake Series Adds Widow White’s Tavern. Short Production Run Now Available for Pre-Order

he historic Widow White's Tavern forever changed the path of American History. Click Here to learn more about the historic day and about the tavern.
The historic Widow White’s Tavern forever changed the path of American History. Click Here to learn more about the historic day and about the tavern. Limited run. Click the image to view pre-ordering this limited run.

Promote local history. #Enjoy!

Included in this calendar: This Day in Local History, Ross Farm, KMS Farmstead, Vanderveer House, Bernards Township Library, Historical Society of the Somerset Hills, Raritan Headwaters and more. Print a monthly view and place on your fridge.

I wanted the Historical Society’s website. What happened to it?

IF you are looking for The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills website, that website was created & hosted by our parent company T3 Consortium, LLC. In late 2018, THSSH decided to go in a new direction and has a website of their own. They are now .

Our Coverage – History Circles in the Somerset Hills

Which circle do you belong to? The beauty is you don’t have to choose. You’re here so you’re part of the “inner circle” now, so we welcome you to participate in them all.

Digging into stories of history and fun in the Somerset Hills, New Jersey and beyond.
Welcome to the inner circle.

Free Mr. Local History Online Magazines

When we have the time we put together a free online ma gazing honoring the local history in our area. Now we introduce our third edition, our “Back to School issue.” If you’d like us to research a specific history related story, just let us know.

The Mr. Local History Magazine is an online collection of stories for our history fans. Enjoy
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Mr. Local History is out there gathering EVERY single activity or event that’s being held by members of our Somerset Hills history community in Bedminster, Bernards Twp, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack, and Gladstone, New Jersey. Associations include the KMS Farmstead, Jacobus Vanderveer House, The Ross Farm, The Historical Society of Somerset Hills, local historical societies and more. Make sure you check with the appropriate organization to confirm details.

We’ve also added our own Mr. Local History’s Day in Somerset Hills History – historic and fun newsworthy events that made history in our area on that particular day.