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Welcome to the Mr. Local History Project, a local non-profit group with a mission to preserve and promote history in the area we call home. “The Mr. Local History Project is a spin-off organization of the Historical Society with a more social focus on promoting history.” 

2019 Basking Ridge Pre Tree Lighting Meetup and Kids Craft Event
The weather is perfect – Sunny, cool, and the heaters will be on. The 2019 Basking Ridge Pre -Tree Lighting Meetup and Coloring Cards for the Troops (and kids activities) starts at 3:00pm Saturday at the Washington House. Come join us at our first event! We then all walk down the street for the tree lighting at 5:15pm.
#givingtuesday is just one day where you get to give with your heart to local non-profit organizations. Please consider even a small donation to the Mr. Local History Non-Profit project.
“The Founding Four” signers of the 501c3 non-profit founding Mr. Local History Project. In our signature caricature fashion we introduce Paula Axt, Brooks Betz, Jill Betz, and Meg Wastie. All residents of the Somerset Hills and on the mission to develop programs focused on education and local history. Click the image to learn more about these great volunteers.

Lots of great things are happening at the Mr. Local History Project. Follow our social media as more exciting news becomes available. We’re growing! When you have a passion, funny how others want to join the cause. We’re always looking for people to grow the effort. We hope you enjoy our stories, our events, and the work we do. It’s all volunteer. Join us.

Local Fundraiser - Somerset Hills Iconic Wooden Keepsakes
Local Fundraiser – Somerset Hills Iconic Wooden Keepsakes

“Today is tomorrow’s history – Live it!”

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Mr.Localhistory was live.
Just to be clear - we never said we were the Historical Society. Some have assumed. We are a spin-off non-profit being led by the Bernards Township official historian representing all the communities we call home in the Somerset Hills. If you're going to support history with a membership, we want to prove your tax deductible donations are worth the cause.

Mr. Local History Keepsake Series adds Widow White’s Tavern.

The infamous Widow White's Tavern in Basking Ridge changed the course of American history.
he infamous Widow Whites Tavern of Basking Ridge keepsake is the first of its kind. The historic Widow White’s Tavern forever changed the path of American History. Click Here to learn more about the historic day and about the tavern. Limited run. Available now.

The Mr. Local History Magazine

Normally every quarter we put together our Mr. Local History magazine honoring the local history. Our “Holiday Edition” was just released. Check it out.

Our free Magazine - The Mr. Local History Holiday Edition
The Mr. Local History Holiday Edition Visit the Magazines menu to see all the issues
The Mr. Local History Magazine is an online collection of stories for our history fans. Enjoy
Visit the Magazines menu to see all the issues

What is the Somerset Hills?

Which circle do you belong to? The beauty is you don’t have to choose. You’re here so you’re part of the “inner circle” now, so we welcome you to participate in them all.

Digging into stories of history and fun in the Somerset Hills, New Jersey and beyond.
Welcome to the inner circle.

I wanted the Historical Society’s website. What happened to it?

IF you are looking for The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills website, that website was created & hosted by our parent company T3 Consortium, LLC. In late 2018, THSSH decided to go in a new direction and has a website of their own. They are now .