REFLECTION: Somerset Hills Farms, Orchards, Dairies, Stables & Landmarks

Farming was everything in the Somerset Hills - Mr Local History Project

The Mr. Local History Project has begun an effort to create a list of key agricultural, lifestock, equine, and fruit farms in the Somerset Hills area of Bedminster, Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack and Gladstone. A number of researchers are building the list along with details to share with the public.

The Coppergate farm off Lyons Road in Liberty Corner c1949. The barn was moved to Liberty Corner and homes now populate the site.

While the bucolic Somerset Hills remained the treasure of western New Jersey, once the railroad started in the 1870’s, farming shifted to estates. Mostly in Bernardsville and Bedminster, Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner, parts of Bernardsville, and the surrounding area remained deep in farming and livestock. Check out the list below and if you have any memories, please feel free to post and share.

The famed Dewy Meadow Chicken Pot Pie – a Basking Ridge King George Road roadside classic.

Did you work on a Somerset Hills Farm?

If you worked on a farm in the Somerset Hills, we’d love to hear your story. Drop us a note as we’re preparing a file and a story to present to the public.

Farmsteads, Orchards, Dairies List (Help us Remember)

Do you know a farm that’s missing? Maybe you have a story as a youngster on one of these farms or maybe just shopped at one? Feel free to reach out and post any memories in the comments section below. The list will grow and we’ll be adding photos and stories from the past. It’ll be our MLH work in progress.

Basking RidgeAlward FarmFarmHenry Alward – Also owned Chimney Ash House
Basking RidgeBakenhaven FarmFarmSee Charles Baker Farm
Basking RidgeBardy FarmFarmCurrent site – The Barrons Basking Ridge. Still today in Warren
Basking RidgeCedar Hill FarmOrchardSamuel Owen’s Peach and Apple orchards, Flowers
Basking RidgeCharles Baker Farm85 acre Charles Baker Farm, called Bakehaven – Lord Stirling Park
Basking RidgeChilds FarmFarmChilds Restaurant and owned Grain House as well
Basking RidgeChimney Ash FarmFarmHenry Alward home. Built c.1740, it is one of the first structures in Bernards Township.
Basking RidgeCollyer FarmFarm
Basking RidgeCopper Gate FarmPic – Before was Day Farm
Basking RidgeCrane FarmFarmStill there today in Basking Ridge
Basking RidgeDecker FarmFarmBy Decker Road
Basking RidgeKnollcroft Farmad 1926
Basking RidgeMine Brook FarmFarm
Basking RidgeShalebrook FarmDairy1944 ad –  (Earl Farms)
Basking RidgeWhitnall FarmPic
BedminsterBlack River FarmEquine
BedminsterCopperthwaite FarmFarmTrump National Today
BedminsterHamilton FarmFarmOnce one of the largest Farms in America – over 5,000 acres
BedminsterJoseph Hoy FarmFarmPurchased by Brady in July 1917
BedminsterLana Lobell FarmEquine400 acres once part of Schley estate
BernardsvilleCherry Lane FarmOwned by Lowensteins 
BernardsvilleJockey Hollow Fruit FarmFruit
BernardsvilleMeadowbrook FarmLivestock/DairyVleit Lindaberry
BernardsvilleSherwood FarmsLivestock
BernardsvilleWendover Farm
ChesterLarisons Turkey FarmAnimal Farm
Coffee CornerRoss FarmOnce owned by Elias Boudinot
Far HillsApplewood FarmOrchard
Far HillsDunwalke FarmActive Today
Far HillsFroheim Farm Livestock/Dairy
GladstonePfizer FarmEquine/HoundsBought Essex Hounds and brought to Gladstone
GladstoneRedgate FarmLivestockKissel
Liberty CornerBaldwin Farm
Liberty CornerBonnie Brae FarmFarmWayward Kids from Newark
Liberty CornerBontecoe FarmPic
Liberty CornerEnglish FarmFarm/DairyJames English, first pastor Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church
Liberty CornerFair View River Farm2 pics
Liberty CornerRipple Hill FarmOrchard
Liberty CornerRippling Brook Farm
Liberty CornerSky FarmNudistAmerican’s first nudist farm 🙂
LyonsDay FarmDairy
MillingtonSchmalz Dairy FarmDairy
MorristownWightmans FarmFarm/OrchardJust north of Bernards Twp. Still there today
W. MillingtonDewy Meadow FarmFarm22 acres in 1969
W. MillingtonFrank Orr FarmFarmNear Pleasant Valley School
W. MillingtonStelle FarmsteadFarmBuilt between 1750 and 1840, the Farmstead and three historic agricultural structures are part of Old Farmstead Park, a 36.5 acre property along the Passaic River. 

3 Thoughts to “REFLECTION: Somerset Hills Farms, Orchards, Dairies, Stables & Landmarks”

  1. Nancy Earl Hoffarth

    My grandfather Ralph Waldo Earl owned Shalebrook Farm in the1940s. I have a few pictures of them harvesting apples and hay; Belgian horse-drawn wagons and such. They must have had dairy cows as well. I have one aerial picture of the farm, and one of their large farmhouse.

    My father Richard Earl renovated an old barn, moved it across Route 202 and started Shalebrook Farm Market on the corner of Route 202 and Bailey’s Mill Road in the early 1950s. I used to sit on top of open truckloads of corn and pumpkins that he would bring up from South Jersey. He owned that market until about 1963 when we moved out of state.

  2. We’d love to take a look at your images and possibly add to the story. Can take a phone pic and send via our Contact us page.

  3. Geoff Archer

    I lived on Alward farm from 1975-1980. At that time its address was 40 Mt. Airy Rd., and the property still consisted of nine wooded acres. A couple of times a year we would cross country ski out to check the mailbox! Farming was no longer happening, but I do remember my mom harvesting black walnuts and making banana bread. There was also a massive mulberry tree with a tire swing on it – will never forget misjudging the angle and slamming the side of my head into it. I had several paranormal experiences in that house but hitting my head on that tree was definitely something that happened in real life.

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