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Sky Farm – The Oldest Clothing-Optional Retreat in the United States Right Here in Liberty Corner

Above Image : William (Bill) Meyer, Sky Farm founder seen here tilling the field…..naked of course.

NOTE: As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available.

“I will go to the bank by the wood and become undisguised and naked; I am mad for it to be in contact with me.”

Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

In 1932, the American League for Physical Culture (ALPC), under the guidance of Kurt Barthel, set up a little-known community in the Liberty Corner section of Basking Ridge. A “summer camp” for families, local residents and those from nearby states spent their summers at ALPC with the mothers and children residing there full-time, and the husbands arriving by train from New York City on weekends.


Members set up tents on platforms, which later became cottages. The original cottages had NO running water, NO electricity, and the residents—for the most part—chose to wear NO clothing!

In 1932 the Minister of the nearby Liberty Corner Church tried to rouse up the locals against Sky Farm. Source: Bernardsville News.

Yes, The American League for Physical Culture—now known as Sky Farm—is what’s commonly referred to as a “nudist park,” or a “clothing-optional club.” Sky Farm residents prefer to be called “nudists” or “naturists.” “We’re just like everyone else,” says J, the Sky Farm Historian. “However, we feel that nudism is healthier, both mentally and physically.”

In the 1930s, activities for physical fitness were encouraged, with mandatory morning exercise. “If you missed the morning exercise, and someone saw you later in the day, you’d be greeted with a chastising ‘Good Morning!’” commented J. People were reminded to have good posture and to keep fit.

Not everything is about nudism at Sky Farm. Source: Sky Farm Archives

Now in its 88th year, Sky Farm is the oldest clothing-optional park in the United States, still operating in its original location. Situated on approximately 35 acres, Sky Farm accommodations include 57 cabins or cottages, additional tent platforms for camping, a couple of other camping sites, and a lodge for guests.

The Sky Farm Lodge was closed when we visited, but we hope to come back when it’s open.
One of the many cottages at Sky Farms. No bathrooms are in any cottage, but there are shared restrooms across the property. The street names are fun or historic in nature. See Psycho Path – Sky Farm 2020 Mr Local History

Some residents own their own cottages. The cottages do not have bathrooms, but there are three bathhouses situated throughout the property. There is a year-round caretaker who lives on the grounds.

The Graduate Author Worked at Sky Farm

One former Sky Farm caretaker was Charles Webb, author of The Graduate, a novel which was made into the well-known movie of the same name, starring Dustin Hoffman and Katherine Ross). Tuesdays are specified for visits from vendors and repair persons: members—knowing that—can choose to adjust their attire on those days.

After a probation period of at least one year, members become part of the co-op, with each member owning a portion of the property. Members are expected to help with the overall maintenance of the facilities, whether it is digging a post hole or helping the social committee. Sky Farm members take part in a variety of activities including communal dinners, dances, gardening, sports and other outdoor events, and have even hosted a “Nude Olympics.” As you may recall, the original Olympics were performed in the nude.

One of the funnier stories during the interview was when we asked about some of the best events ever held at Sky Farm. In addition to games like a three legged race, tennis, volleyball and water polo games, when then mentioned they once had a “Nude Olympics” the audience chuckled. Source: Sky Farms history archives.
“Nudestock 2012″ held on June 23, 2012 featured live music by the pool, volleyball, swimming and sunning,” .A barbecue lunch was included for just $30, along with door prizes that were given away. Held in conjunction with other Nudestock events around the world. Canada took top prize that year. (see below).
Nudestock became a movement in the 1990’s. Pictured here was a Nudestock event in Canada on the same weekend as the one in Liberty Corner.

Members express a feeling of freedom and release at Sky Farm: all “baggage”—including clothing—is left behind as they enter the gates. That sense of freedom is especially important to members who feel that wearing clothing can turn people into something they’re not; “Everyone at Sky Farm—plumber, lawyer, stay-at-home parent—is on the same plane.” J adds, “Without clothes to hide behind, people can stop playing games and be themselves.”

Don’t think you’re just going to wander around naked without rules. Sky Farm has been abiding by a core set of rules since 1933.

One area to stress, commented several Sky Farm members, is that Sky Farm—and other similar naturist clubs—are NOT “sex clubs.” The area and activities are very family-oriented. Some of the adults, still members of Sky Farm, stayed there with their families when they were children and have very fond memories. According to May Frank in Nudism Comes to America (Frances & Mason Merrill, 1932), “The prurient won’t get a kick out of these unself-conscious naked ones playing handball, swimming, taking exercises, for pornography depends on suggestiveness.”

Sky Farm is open by appointment for visitors who are considering membership. Members can stay at the lodge and experience the clothing-optional lifestyle, relaxing in the spa or heated pool by day and star gazing at night.

Sky Farm is an idyllic retreat for those wanting to experience the naturist lifestyle.
MLH friend and reporter Jake Perry from the Bernardsville News interviews a crowd of nude members back during the Sky Farm 75th anniversary back in 2007. Tough assignment for sure. Source: Debbie Weisman

Being a Nudist Amongst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sky Farm has been affected just like any other organization in the world. Many would say even more so. Our discussions with members recognized that the Bernards Township Board of Health plays an important part making sure Sky Farms lives up to the healthy standards of all other businesses in the township including water quality, pool maintenance, cooking precautions to name just a few.

American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) Magazine recently released their COVID-19 edition AANR Bulletin. Source: AANR
The Mr. Local History Research Team thanks the members of the Sky Farm to welcome us in to see and experience Sky Farms during the pandemic.
The gate door is open. Memberships Available. Ready to join?

Research Tidbit

We leave you with a piece of research we found while doing this piece about Skyfarm and hearing about Nudestock. This interview we found is Foreigner playing at Nudestock in 1995 (Kansas also played). They weren’t really told about the audience until they came on. Lou Gramm, an American rock singer-songwriter, best known for being the original lead singer of the rock band Foreigner is interviewed throughout. Turtle Lake Resort, Union City, MI, USA on August 11, 1995. Go figure. History nonetheless.

Additional Story

The local Bernardsville New’s own Jake Perry and Debbie Weisman visited as well for the 75th Anniversary and wrote about it. Check out the article (Click Here)


We know there are stories out there. Are you willing to share yours?

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  1. Debbie Meyer Biedenharn

    Hi there! My name is Debbie Meyer Biedenharn and my grandfather was Bill Meyer, who was one of the original founders of Sky Farm. I wanted to share a story with you. My mother passed away about a month ago and the night before her funeral my father, Bill Meyer Jr was sharing stories with us about Sky Farm. My dad, Bill Jr, spent his summers at there as a young boy in the 40s and early 50s. Dad is 85 years old and not a computer wiz and was so elated when his granddaughter googled information about Sky Farm in which Leni and Bill Meyer were referenced. Obviously losing his wife of 63 years was sad and this was a bright light for him. He has many fond memories of Sky Farm.

    Debbie Meyer Biedenharn

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