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Mr. Local History’s #growlocalhistory Project

Trying to Make Somerset County Grow with Free Sunflowers and Some Local History – And Now – a Contest!

We just added another 200 packets after the first batch was snatched up. Remember, you take a pack, you have to send us a photo!!!!!

Who doesn’t love a good challenge and some free stuff. This one is a fun one to see if we can promote growing in the Somerset Hills. Let us introduce the 2nd annual “Mr. Local History Grow Local History” project. Locals come get your pack of locally grown sunflower seeds and lets see how many new gardens we can create.

The bucket is ready for your visit!


Read below the instructions and how to get your seeds. Get them planted quickly. Then the fun begins.

Get your seeds planted quickly. Then the fun begins. We will post a size chart weekly for you to post your garden growth. There are a number of categories where you could win a prize. So get your packs and start growing!

Once your sunflowers grow, visit us online and share a photo.

Here was our 2019 bucket with some of the sunflowers. They can grow as high at 10 feet. It’s a community contest that beautifies our area.


Planting your sunflower seeds are very simple. First find a sunny spot (should have sun most of the day). Then we suggest you use a broom handle or similar device (your finger if the soil is soft enough) and go down about an inch or two. Put two or three seeds in each hole. Cover and water. That’s IT.


Your seeds will take about 8 weeks to complete their growth. After the tops wane, cut off the flower, and put them in a paper bag. Come back a month later and rub the seeds off the flower. Keep them in the paper bag and save till next summer.

Here’s the History Lesson

While we like any idea that shares and promotes local history, this one is simple. IF YOU DON’T CUT DOWN THE FLOWERS, I GUARANTEE HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF IN THE SAME SPOT WHETHER YOU WANT TO SEE THEM OR NOT.

Happy Local History.

Where to get your FREE seeds for the #growlocalhistory project?

Basking Ridge – 184 W. Oak Street.
(Look for the BLUE BIN under the sunflowers around our mailbox.

Remember, all we ask is once your sunflowers grow,  visit us online and share a photo.

Join the social media - Mr. Local History
Join the social media – Mr. Local History
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