What is New Jersey’s Most Iconic Diner? We Have a Winner!

Winner of the 2021 Mr Local History Diner statewide contest.

Being a Jersey guy who can’t forget the classic New Jersey diner. I’m not talking IHOP or Denny’s, but a REAL New Jersey diner. This story is a calling to our internet friends to identify the ultimate New Jersey’s Classic Diner for an upcoming New Jersey Historic Village wooden keepsake. After all, we are the Diner Capital of the United States so a lot of bragging rights are at stake.

The Village always needed a great Jersey diner, and now you can have one.
.NJ Historic Village Collection

After two months and 600 votes, we have our keepsake nomination. Congratulations to the Broad Street Diner in Keyport, New Jersey for representing the village with the first Jersey Diner wooden keepsake collectible.
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Jersey Diner Wooden Ornament
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Broad Street Diner History

This authentic circa 1953 O’Mahony diner is located just a few blocks from Raritan Bay. Known previously as Stanley’s Seaport Diner you won’t have to wonder much about its 1950s origins as you will be reminded at every turn that this place has been around since the days of Elvis and Marilyn. The O’Mahony stainless steel tag is attached to the inside of the vestibule door. Broad Street is one of a handful of classic O’Mahony diners still operating in the Garden State.

The Jerry O’Mahony Diner is the most classic Jersey Diner.

Owned by Nick and Maria Kallas since 2015, the two grew up alongside Greek diner families, as you’ll see their experience reflected in the daily specials and hearty portions. As they say in the diner biz, “Food is only half the meal.” The savory atmosphere is the other half—and equally important. If possible, when visiting a Jersey diner, sit at the counter. That’s where you’ll meet, greet, and mingle with the staff and customers. 

Mr. Local History with owner Maria Kallas and Keyport Mayor Collette Kennedy receiving an original Jerry O’Mahony stock certificate and a Jersey Diner keepsake of the Broad Street Diner.

The Broad Street Diner is further proof that, without question, New Jersey is and always will be the diner capital of the universe.

Jersey Bites

Funny how you walk in thinking you know what you want and then you get that six page menu. Then it becomes a battle of the mind saying “breakfast or something else scenario,” you know exactly what I mean.

Take a look at the Broad Street Diner, the iconic Jersey Diner.

Then it starts, coffee with anything, water, and a usual default to the cheeseburger deluxe platter. I just figure that I’m a burger guy and always love when that stuffed oval plate shows up in less than 5 minutes. I never can explain the sheer speed of it all. It’s just one more reason I’m fascinated by the Jersey Diner.

What was your fastest delivery of a Cheeseburger Deluxe Platter at a diner? It’s amazing how fast it arrives. It’s like a miracle. And the Broad Street Diner platter is OFF THE CHART GOOD!

And who can’t help being foodie. They have this weird twitch where they always want to take a picture of what they’re eating. Honestly, it always looks like a piece of art.

Road Trip to New Jersey’s Most Iconic Diners

It’s the New Jersey Iconic Diner Map. If you’re on a mission, why not go check out New Jersey’s most iconic diners. Totally worth it!

The map below is interactive. Bookmark it and put it on your phone. We’re updating it all the time when we get a good tip.

And We Leave you with Rosie. A Jersey Legend!

Here’s the sad reality of poor ole Rosie and her Jersey Diner. It won’t be long before Rosie’s is sold for scrap — a lifetime away from the Little Ferry Circle. – Read the story.

The Mr. Local History Project, a Jersey Based non-profit is going to work with a number of Facebook Groups to capture Jersey Diner names and locations. You can also nominate in the comments section below. From over 100 entries, we picked the Top 12. The winner will then be recommended to the New Jersey Historic Village Collection to be made into a keepsake. YOU CAN VOTE FOR UP TO THREE (3).

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17 Thoughts to “What is New Jersey’s Most Iconic Diner? We Have a Winner!”

  1. Broad St Diner in Keyport
    Any breakfast itm. All great.

  2. Dawn Smith

    Broad Street Diner, Keyport

  3. Patti Piney

    Broad Street Diner in Keyport Everything

  4. Eileen Allen

    Freehold Grill on Main Street in Freehold

  5. Silver Dollar Diner in Little Ferry where they found Rosie the Quicker Picker upper.

  6. Linda Richards

    Sunset Diner

  7. Justine Deane

    Tick tick diner Clifton nj

  8. Jackie Younge

    Willie’s Bloomfield; current the State Street Grill!

  9. Marilyn Gillen

    Par Troy diner Parsippany NJ

    Great food any time of day or night.

  10. Kathi Logan

    Most definitely the Broad Street Diner in Keyport. The food is always excellent and they give you huge amounts of food. And the staff and owners are always friendly and welcoming!

  11. Louis Spagnuolo

    Where is Tops,North Arlington,Kless or The Lido just to name a few

  12. Veronica Webster

    Great, friendly staff. Feel good delicious food!!

  13. Roc

    Tick Tock in Clifton and Tops Diner in East Newark

  14. george stillwell

    Keyport Diner always fresh food and plenty of it.

  15. Susan Hollander

    I’m happy to be able to choose three because it would be so hard to only choose one!

  16. Margaret Machnicki

    Paramount, Manasquan Nj
    Great food.

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