Cranford Canoe Club – History

Growing up at the Cranford Canoe Club - Mr. Local History Archive #mrlocalhistory

Post Views: 3,288 The Cranford Canoe Club is one of the oldest canoe clubs in the United States and a community landmark known as part of Cranford’s identity for over 100 years. The current canoe club, while not the first, is the Rahway River’s last surviving canoe club. The dock at the Canoe Club which has served Cranford for over 100 years. Cranford was incorporated as a township by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 14, 1871, from portions of the Townships of Clark, Linden, Springfield, Union and Westfield. The Rahway River is a slow…

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Growing Up at the Cranford Canoe Club

Post Views: 5,206 When you’re a kid, often the most simple things in life end up be the ones you remember the most.  As one of three kids in my family growing up in nearby Westfield, New Jersey, the Cranford Boat and Canoe Company, also known as the Cranford Canoe Club brought life lessons and friendships that live with me almost every day.  With all the experiences, workers, friends, and family, the Cranford Canoe Club will never be forgotten. I started working at the Cranford Canoe Club in 1972 until…

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