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Collectible: Preserving Bedminster’s History #summerwhitehouse

New Keepsake: Preserving Bedminster’s History – The Mr. Local History Project (MLH) has been preserving and promoting local history since our non-profit organization was established in 2019. The all volunteer group started a wooden miniature keepsake program to share history, artwork, in partnership with the world famous Cat’s Meow Village Company of Ohio to support New Jersey’s local history and grow the New Jersey Historic Village Collection.

Bedminster NJ Trump National Wooden Ornament
The Lamington House wooden collectible. Yes it could be hung on the tree.

Congratulations Bedminster, New Jersey

Supporting Bedminster’s history via our MLH keepsake project is in its early stages and we hope interest in Bedminster, New Jersey’s history will be strongly supported by the community. The idea was presented by Brooks Betz, an area historian and founder of the Mr. Local History Project. The keepsakes bring awareness to historic icons across New Jersey. The group is a non-profit 501c that relies on fundraisers like this to expand our history programs, Every time you grow your collection, your supporting their non-profit efforts.

Summer White House Village Keepsake

Our artist rendering will be the front, with the history on the back. Each collectible is approximately 4″ high by 8-10 inches long and 3/4″ wide paint on wood. Click Here

In a sleepy quiet horse and farming area in the Somerset Hills of New Jersey, once the most powerful man in the world came (and still comes) to summer at a house with a storied Bedminster history.

The Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey is also known as former President Trump’s Summer White House, occupies 535 acres of rambling countryside in central New Jersey, 45 minutes away from New York City. Most of the property was once the private estate of John DeLorean, the auto industrial playboy whose stainless-steel car is remembered best in its role as a time machine in Back to the Future. Trump purchased the property in 2002 for about $35 million, and it opened as a golf club in 2004. The home, once known as Lamington House, named by the Cowperwaithe family but it now has a new name, the Summer White House. Read the entire story.

How Do I Get One?

Shop for a Cause - Mr Local History Project #shoplocalhistory #justoneitem
Shop for a Cause – Mr Local History Project #shoplocalhistory #justoneitem – Click Here to get yours.

Support your local history and start a Somerset Hills/Bedminster collection of your own. Each piece is made in the USA. The Mr. Local History Project sinks all proceeds into growing the program to offer more keepsakes as we’ve now grown the village to over 21 keepsakes by the end of 2021.

Simple online ordering. Not available in stores. Click Here

Vote for Bedminster’s Most Historic Icons

What are Bedminster, New Jersey’s Most Iconic Venues? Vote for your 3 favorites. They might be considered for a future village keepsake.

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