New Keepsakes: Preserving Cranford’s History

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The Mr. Local History Project (MLH) has been preserving and promoting local history since our non-profit organization was established in 2019. The all volunteer group started a wooden miniature keepsake program to share history, artwork, in partnership with the world famous Cat’s Meow Village Company of Ohio to support New Jersey’s local history and grow the New Jersey Historic Village Collection.

Congratulations Cranford – 2021 Marks 150th Anniversary

Supporting Cranford’s history via our MLH keepsake project is in its early stages and we hope interest in Cranford’s history will be strongly supported by the community. The idea was presented to MLH by Brooks Betz, a Trustee who once owned the Cranford Canoe Club with his family. The keepsakes bring awareness to historic icons in town as Betz plans to also one day nominate the Cranford Canoe Club to the State and National Registries of Historic Places (a very difficult process). The group is a non-profit 501c that relies on fundraisers like this to expand our history programs, so everytime you grow your collection, your supporting our non-profit efforts.

Cranford Village Keepsakes

Art rendering will be the front, with the history on the back. Each collectible is approximately 4″ high by 8-10 inches long and 3/4″ wide paint on wood.

Support your local history and start a Cranford collection of your own. Each piece is handmade in the USA. The Mr. Local History Project sinks all proceeds into growing the program to offer more keepsakes as we’ve now grown the village to over 20 keepsakes by the end of 2021.

How Do I Get One?

Simple online ordering. Not available in stores. Just click the keepsake you’re interested in.

Nominate the Next Cranford Keepsake

What are Cranford’s Most Iconic Venues. Vote for your 3 favorites.

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