Somerset Hills Bars and Restaurants of the Past

Somerset Hills Bars of the past - Mr Local History

Post Views: 4,212 Every town in the world has restaurants and brothels that come and go. There’s always reasons why they come and go, but what remains is the history and the memories of what used to be. The Somerset Hills has a great history or bars and restaurants that have come and gone. Some last the test of time, and others cave in to the change in attitude, trend, or a demographic shift. We’ll go back all the way to the pre-revolutionary war and see what you might know. We’re…

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The Great Historic Tavern Pub Crawl & Tours

Post Views: 28,040 We like touring Morris and Somerset County since this is the “cockpit of the revolution” and most of the old taverns were meeting places of the resistance. Want to grab a pint where  General Washington drank (and maybe slept)? How about a cold one where Ben Franklin gathered his thoughts? Here’s where history meets the road….literally. In addition to churches, pubs and taverns served as the meeting places of the revolution. How fun now would it be to create a trip, learn some great stories, and maybe…

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