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Far Hills Race Meeting Honored with Painted Wooden Collectible

Celebrating over 100 years of the Far Hills Hunt with this beautiful wooden hand painted collectible as part of the New Jersey Historic Village Cat’s Meow collection.

It’s more like a piece of art. The history on the back is just a bonus.
Available ONLINE Only. Get your keepsake today!
Back of wooden collectible. The Mr. Local History non-profit project honors the Far Hills Race Meeting 100th Anniversary Collectible – Mr Local History Cat’s Meow Village Wooden Keepsake . Order Yours Online.

Beautifully handcrafted wood, hand painted edges, and a beautifully hand painted rendering of the Far Hills Race scenery. The back side includes the history of the iconic event that began as the Farmers Race and became the Far Hills Race Meeting. Honor the 100th running with this limited edition keepsake.

Exclusively via “The Gift Shop” at the Mr. Local History Project

The easiest way to get one is to order online via our Etsy Store.
Our online store accepts multiple forms of payment including credit/debit cards and Paypal. Orders are now being taken online. The collection is the ultimate local personal gift. Great for those moving into the area, or for those who’ve left the area. They also make great gifts for those who just like to remember the fond memories of the area.The Mr. Local History Gift Shop is always OPEN. Just click the store

The New Jersey Historic Village keepsake collection is a wood painted collectible series honoring historic iconic buildings, properties, and fixtures that are part of the historic fabric of New Jersey’s history. Each keepsake was selected based on community feedback and a voting process. Brooks Betz stated, “we’re really excited to see how the public reacts to the next additions to this historic series.” The Mr. Local History Project plans to introduce at least five new keepsakes. Simply sign up to receive updates when the new pieces will become available.

The Cat’s Meow is one of the world’s most iconic collectible series. Mr. Local History started creating the Somerset Hills Historic Village back in 2018.

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