Bernards Twp, Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner Survey Question

Should Bernards Township, Basking Ridge and Liberty Corner embrace a prefix containing historic to their names?

Note: The survey and petition are simple. Nothing changes except we start including the term “Historic” moving forward as we promote our town and its historic hamlets. No changes to town historic districts, no additional property taxes, no building restrictions…. it’s just to add the label “Historic” and honor township history.

Brooks Betz, Bernards Township Historian
Honoring history is a good thing. Should we do this?

Go the Distance:

If you like “Historic”, it’d be helpful to add your name to our online petition that we’d share with the Township Committee:

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Please also visit the Mr. Local History Project’s dedicated Bernards Township Official Historian Pages.

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2 Thoughts to “Bernards Twp, Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner Survey Question”

  1. Craig Kampmier


    And, if you are going to insist on such redundancy in the midst of other old surrounding towns of character, then make it Historic Bernards Township. Historic will not make it any more epic (another abused trendy word).

  2. Bernards Township IS one of the best examples of a historic treasure in New Jersey. We hope the public feels the same.

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