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Basking Ridge Church and 600 Year Oak Tree The 2nd Somerset Hills Historic Village Collectible

The Mr Local History Project is so proud to share the release of the second in the historic Somerset Hills Cat’s Meow collectible series, the 1718 Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church and the 619 year old Basking Ridge Historic White Oak Cat’s Meow wooden keepsake collectible.

The Historic Somerset Hills Village keepsake collection is a new collectible series honoring historic iconic buildings, properties, and fixtures that are part of the historic fabric of our community. The second keepsake, the historic 1718 Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church and the iconic 619 year old Basking Ridge Historic White Oak tree.

The Church and Tree collectible dimensions

The Keepsake Series

Additional keepsakes will be added to the Somerset Hills collection as part of a multi-year effort to promote and preserve history in the Somerset Hills including Bedminster, Bernards Twp., Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack and Gladstone. The series was started by Brooks Betz, a resident of Basking Ridge. “There are so many great historic icons in the Somerset Hills and we’re really excited to launch the keepsake program. We plan on adding additional keepsakes throughout the year and will even sponsor a contest where the public gets to vote for a future keepsake.” The keepsake is meant to display on a counter, shelf, or above the door jam or window sill. It is made of a sturdy 3/4″ handmade block of wood and then painted.

Add to your Historic Somerset Hills Village Collection – we have many other additions coming!

Many people collect other village pieces and build a village collection. The creations are part of the historic Cat’s Meow Village Collection, which has been producing iconic wood ornaments for over 35 years.

The local historical society and other local outlets will be producing limited batches of the Somerset Hills Keepsake Village.

How do I Get One?

The Mr Local History Gift Shop is ALWAYS OPEN. Just click the store to go to our online store.
The Mr. Local History Gift Shop is always OPEN. Just click the store.

Our online store accepts multiple forms of payment including credit/debit cards and Paypal.
The collection is the ultimate local personal gift. Great for those moving into the area, or for those who’ve left the area. They also make great gifts for those who just like to remember the fond memories of the area.

Welcome to the Historic New Jersey Historic Village. Follow them on Facebook – Click Here

The Cat’s Meow

The Cat’s Meow Village is a small company founded in Wooster, Ohio in 1982 from one simple wooden house Faline cutout on her grandfather’s saw in the loft of the hog barn. 35 years later, Jones with her crew continues to craft “little wooden buildings” of local, national, and international landmarks that spark memories and kindle smiles on the faces of “real life adventurers” like you.

The Historic Somerset Hills Village is created by T3 Consortium who then licenses production runs to various organizations for promotional and fundraising activities.

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