Can Taleo and Linked In Share Information?

logo_taleo_linked_inIn the Cloud….When will Talent Management bump into Social Networking?

At issue with the invention of “the cloud” and virtual software solutions holds the main problem: “How do you get one cloud to talk to another cloud?”

Software as a Service (or SaaS), is a great idea in it’s most basic form, but it looks like there’s a storm on the horizon. Users are having trouble big time spending time registering for job postings on a job board, completing a profile for that job board, and then ultimately being sent to the hiring company’s website, or worse, to a consulting firms website to then register there to access the posting. Not to mention that you’ve already filled out a profile for Linked IN, and all kinds of other social networking sites. The problem remains simple. If Taleo is the talent management and human resources recruiting de-facto service employers are using, then why can’t a single Taleo employee profile be created that allows users to upload one common profile that completes the process once?

Sure, Taleo has improved the ability to upload a resume and allow a certain level of “data intelligence” to complete a small aspect of the process. But it will still take a user a long time to review and complete the application process. Maybe Taleo has another service to offer? One for the business side, and another for the consumer side? How bout it Taleo? Maybe it’s time you get together with someone like Linked IN and create a TALEO proof profile that users can just CLICK to popluate.


Then someone can spread the word to Taleo that a ton of people don’t even know how to pronounce their product’s name. In case you didn’t know, tt’s Ta -lay-o.

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