Comparing The Basking Ridge Oak to the Worlds Oldest Trees

Post Views: 5,369 On April 24, 2017 the New Jersey town of Basking Ridge lost its oldest resident, the Basking Ridge historic white oak tree.  What was estimated to be over 600 years old, no one ever imagined that the tree would die during their lifetime and it came as quite a shock to the entire community. Are there other stories stories out there? We started to think; how does the loss of the Basking Ridge Oak tree rank against the worlds oldest trees. Here’s what we found. The 600 Year…

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Book Release: Basking Ridge Historic Oak Tree Project

Basking Ridge Historic Oak Tree Project is one of the most heartwarming books ever made to celebrate the life and history of the 619 year oak tree that was lost in 2017. A true collectible. Source: Mr local history

Post Views: 2,032 The Basking Ridge Historic Oak Tree Project Keepsake Book to be Released June 8, 2017 If you’ve been touched by the story of the Basking Ridge Historic Oak Tree’s 600 year history, you have to see this new book entitled “The Historic Basking Ridge Oak Tree Project”. The fundraising project is a compilation of the areas children from Kindergarten through High School who have written or drawn pictures of the historic 600 year old Basking Ridge oak tree that was recently taken down. The keepsake book is a fundraiser…

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