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Somerset History – Two Historic Books

While searching the internet we found a few great books that showcases the history of the Somerset Hills and Somerset County, New Jersey from the early 1800’s. If you like local history, these two books really bring the detail to some of the great history tales of the Somerset Hills area.

The Somerset Hills

The first book is simply called “The Somerset Hills” by Ludwig Schumacher. The full title is:
The Somerset hills;
Being a brief record of significant facts in the early history of the hill country of Somerset County, New Jersey and contains stories from the Millington native.

The first book is simply called “The Somerset Hills” by Ludwig Schumacher

The book was published by New York, New Amsterdam book company, 1900. The book is 133 pages.

The purchase of Basking Ridge is highlighted – $50 back on June 24, 1717.
This rendition in the book of General Lee’s writings lead to one of the most important events in the history of the American revolution. Learn More

Read the entire book online – The Somerset Hills digitized by the Library of Congress.

Centennial History of Somerset County

Our second find is the book “Centennial History of Somerset County”; Written by Andrew Messler back in 1878.

The 212 page book is a historic look back at people, places and activities that we all take for granted as New Jersey citizens today. Many of the names have been honored with township and county names like Carteret, Penn, and more. The journey starts back in 1681. The bound brook, the Middlebrook, the north branch, Pluckemin, and the chimney rock are called out as they become colonized over the next century.

The original founding of “The Somerset Hills” between the first and second Watchung Mountains in Somerset County.
Looks as though the Scottish and Germans were first, then the Dutch, according to the book.
The original families of Baskingridge

The book is available for online reading or download:

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