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Does Jimmy Buff’s Deserve Nomination to Jersey’s Historic Village?

The Mayor of New Jersey’s Historic Village has launched a campaign to determine if Jimmy Buff’s, the former Newark, New Jersey eatery deserves to be part of the collection.

Click the image to pre-order and be part of the initial first run of Jimmy Buff’s

You Can Still Vote

Should Jimmy Buff's Be Added to the Historic Jersey Village Collection?
421 votes · 421 answers

If you voted YES - Would You Want a Jimmy Buff's 90th Anniversary Keepsake
272 votes · 272 answers

Produced in conjunction with the Mr. Local History Project in conjunction with the Cat’s Meow Village, a small company in Ohio who for decades have produced wooden painted collectibles known around the world. You might know them when you travel to gift shops and see local keepsakes with the little black cat, known as Casper.

The wooden keepsake would be an artist rendering of Jimmy Buff’s along with the history on the back. Size would be about 8 inches long by 4 inches high. See the entire keepsake village below.

See the Entire Historic Keepsake Collection

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1 thought on “Does Jimmy Buff’s Deserve Nomination to Jersey’s Historic Village?”

  1. I’m 78 years old I used to live in Newark New Jersey and Irvington and we used to go to Jimmy Buff’s when I was 10-15 years old every Friday night that was our dinner treat to this day Jimmy Buff’s has the best hot dog anywhere on this planet we make our own Jimmy buff hot dogs they’re not as good but they’re pretty good that’s the closest thing we can come to get in the Jimmy Buff hot dog. Once you have a Jimmy buff hot dogs from their store you’ll never want to eat anywhere else

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