Jersey Comfort Food to Die For Mapping Project

Mr Local History Maps Jersey Food to Die For

Here’s to a lifetime of living in Jersey. Here’s the map. It’s simple. It may not be the healthiest, but Fagettaboutit, it’s Jersey’s best comfort food. Great flavor with an attitude. I just love it. You will too!
Post any pics if you have them.We’re big into #foodporn 🙂

The first round of the Jersey Comfort Food map started when I wanted to get an Italian hot dog. Where would I have to travel? Or if I’m traveling the state, how do I know where the BEST place in the area to get NJ’s best comfort food? To google maps! We started with hot dogs, then came the burgers, then the regular hot dog, then pizza. Next we’ll get into fat sandwiches, crumb cake, diners, cheesesteaks, then maybe something else. Taylor Ham/Egg Cheese? Who knows. We ALWAYS welcome suggestions AND pictures please!

Get the link HERE on your smartphone and start driving. If you have a place to add, just post a comment. We’ll verify (eat it) and then post.

New Jersey’s Most Iconic Diners

Something people don’t know is that Jersey is “ground zero” for diners. The rail car stainless steel diner, the diner experience, and the diner lifestyle is ALL jersey. The New Jersey Historic Village Collection has created a diner keepsake collectible.
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New Jersey’s Iconic Diners

It’s the New Jersey Iconic Diner Map. If you’re on a mission, why not go check out New Jersey’s most iconic diners. Totally worth it!

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