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History Matters to Downtown Bernardsville

We are very happy to announce our partnership support to the Downtown Bernardsville revitalization effort in New Jersey and hope that everyone who lives in the area, read the story and then volunteer to support this fantastic local effort to preserve and promote Downtown Bernardsville.

Mr. Local History Project

If you talk about researching local history in Bernardsville you have to go directly to the Spinning History Room at the Bernardsville Library. When you talk about historic buildings in Bernardsville, you go to the Bernardsville Historic Preservation Committee. Now there’s a group that’s combining the history of the town, the buildings, the stories, and activities all in one group working to preserve and promote the history of downtown Bernardsville. The Downtown Bernardsville is a non-profit effort dedicated to beautifying Bernardsville, addressing issues to the downtown area, and sponsoring events that make Bernardsville a great place to live.

Downtown Bernardsville’s most recent beautification effort at the Mt. Airy railroad overpass that was unveiled Memorial Day 2021. Projects like these make a difference and promote what Bernardsville stands for; community, beautification, history.

“It is extremely rewarding to see our residents, businesses and elected officials all working together to bring new energy to our downtown. And now as a Main Street town, Bernardsville is sure to achieve a successful future.

Bernardsville Mayor Mary Jane Canose

The “Downtown Bernardsville” Project

Downtown Bernardsville is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to revitalizing, enhancing, and promoting the commercial district of Bernardsville, New Jersey utilizing Main Street America’s 4-Point Approach. Engaging the community through local events, supporting local businesses, and maintaining the charm of Bernardsville’s historical structures are the focus of every project and program.

Downtown Bernardsville is a registered 501c3 non-profit and part of the Main Street New Jersey and Main Street America programs to preserve downtowns across America. #downtownbernardsville

The mission of Downtown Bernardsville will continue to grow and develop as a result of continued support from our volunteers, local businesses, partnering organizations and our Sponsors, who all share a belief that a strong community is an integral part of maintaining a vibrant downtown, unified from Borough Hall through Madisonville Road and streets in between.

We welcome commercial property owners, leaders and members of other local organizations, residents, business owners and employees, educators and more to join in. Downtown Bernardsville will be hosting several annual events that require hands on involvement. We hope you’ll sign up to help.

Olivia Manning – founder and Executive Director of Downtown Bernardsville

How is the Mr. Local History Project Involved with Downtown Bernardsville?

For the past year, the MLHP has been working with Downtown Bernardsville to assist and volunteer, supporting and advising on projects related to the the rich history of Bernardsville. The project will be attending local events and handing out historic maps of Bernardsville to residents. They are also preparing a number of stories on interesting topics about Bernardsville’s history. They also have offered volunteer and advisory support to various Downtown Bernardsville committees when needed.

Mr. Local History also has a historic village wooden keepsake collection honoring iconic Bernardsville properties and is offering a purchase discount to anyone who confirms they have volunteered for a Downtown Bernardsville committee. Click Here after you’ve signed up to request your discount. See the video below.

From walking tours, to street museums, to stories about Bernardsville history, Mr. Local History Project is all in to help this cause. We urge the community to get involved. We don’t even live there, and we want to help. Bernardsville residents, you have to get engaged in this one! #downtownbernardsville

brooks betz – Mr. Local History trustee

The Bernardsville Collection is part of Mr. Local History’s New Jersey Historic Village Keepsake Collection. Each piece is designed locally and created by the world famous Cat’s Meow Village of Wooster, Ohio. So designed locally, and made in America. Future iconic area keepsakes are also available while supplies last.

Mr. Local History is offering a purchase discount to anyone who confirms they have volunteered for a Downtown Bernardsville committee.
Click Here after you’ve signed up to request your discount. Enter #downtownbernardsville

What Are Bernardsville’s MOST HISTORIC VENUES? Take the Survey

Click here to take the survey ( Opens in New Window) – Here’s what the public has said so far.

Click the image and Vote for your top 3 Bernardsville historic icons.

Additional Information

Get a Frameable Bernardsville Historic 1873 Map

We’re looking for ways to fund our Young Historians Scholarship Program to worthy Bernardsville High and Ridge High School volunteers who demonstrate their love and interest in local history. For every donation to our scholarship program, we’ll give you this gift as a token of our appreciation for your support.

This 1873 Bernardsville reproduction map is 14 on “w x 11″H on parchment colored stock.
Printed locally at Bernardsville Print Center

Bernardsville’s Moment of Zen

We leave you with a few shots we’ve uploaded to our Mr. Local History YouTube Channel and Bernardsville History. Follow us on all the Social Media platforms.

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