The originating founders of the non-profit Mr. Local History Project

Post Views: 133 Have a Passion for Local History? The Mr. Local History Project is ALWAYS looking out for those who want to take an entrepreneurial approach toward history. We are an extremely social group that wants to incorporate those who make a difference by doing! We try, we win, we fail, we learn, and we try again. Some of our ideas work, and some don’t. But we’re always trying to find new ways to share local history. Want to get involved? Drop us a note and lets talk. or…

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Art and History – Looking for Artists Who Love History

Local art and local history project - Mr Local History

Post Views: 2,820 The Mr. Local History Project is launching a new program to preserve our local history. We are also looking for art teachers to consider a program where an entire art class works to create their own collection. Take a look and if you’re interested, drop us a line and we can connect to discuss. Sign Up to Volunteer and Participate Contact Us

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International Women’s Day Honors Women Trailblazers from the Somerset Hills

Post Views: 6,599 In honor of International Women’s Day, we thought it’d be fun to share some of the inspirational trailblazing women from our area that have made a difference. Each of these women either grew up or lived in the Somerset Hills. The Somerset Hills is the region of northern Somerset County, New Jersey that includes Bedminster, Bernards Township, Bernardsville, Far Hills, and Peapack & Gladstone. The official day is March 8, 2022 this year. Click any image below to start the slideshow. Then check out each bio. The…

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History Matters to Downtown Bernardsville

The Mr Local History Project joins Downtown Bernardsville Efforts

Post Views: 290 We are very happy to announce our partnership support to the Downtown Bernardsville revitalization effort in New Jersey and hope that everyone who lives in the area, read the story and then volunteer to support this fantastic local effort to preserve and promote Downtown Bernardsville. Mr. Local History Project If you talk about researching local history in Bernardsville you have to go directly to the Spinning History Room at the Bernardsville Library. When you talk about historic buildings in Bernardsville, you go to the Bernardsville Historic Preservation…

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UPDATE: Bernards Township Charter Day – Saturday, May 21, 2022

Charter Day 2019 mr local history

Post Views: 344 We lost 2019 to Charter Day to storms.We lost 2020 Charter Day to Covid-19. Now we lost 2021 Charter Day to Covid-19 AGAIN!2022 Charter Day is ON! Real Time Weather Update Get ready for a fun filled street fair and festival on Saturday, May 21 2022 in the Historic Basking Ridge Village as Charter Day is BACK! On Charter Day – Add Your Photos to the Charter Day Instagram Wall.ADD #btcharterday to your Instagram or Facebook post! Charter Day Street Fair Schedule 12:00 Opening Ceremonies – Town…

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1932 Krug’s Tavern – Wooden Collectible Honors Jersey’s BEST

Krug's Tavern Anniversary Wooden Keepsake

Post Views: 486 Krug’s Tavern, a shot and beer joint that’s survived thru WW2, the Riots, and gentrification, the four generations continue the family legacy with this legendary New Jersey tavern. Now Krug’s has reached its 90th anniversary and the non Profit Mr. Local History Project honors this monumental achievement introducing a new keepsake collectible of the tavern on wood to honor the 90 years serving New Jersey. 2022 – Krug’s Turns 90 – NJ’s Best Burger Stop Earns HonorsNow A Wooden Keepsake Souvenir Honors Krug’s History To honor the…

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2022 Historic Basking Ridge Village Walking Tour Scholarship Fundraiser

A few of our fantastic hosts and docents for the Basking Ridge walking tour.

Post Views: 408 Book Your Spot Today. UPDATE: Friday, May 13 We are a go for Saturday. Chance of showers. Warm (yay). Maybe bring a small umbrella just in case. Only a few tickets for our only tour this year of the Historic Basking Ridge Village! Tell your friends! Tell a friend. bring a guest. Make it a girls afternoon out! it’s a high school scholarship fundraiser! A GREAT LOCAL TOUR! Join the Mr. Local History Project as we present our annual walking tour of the historic village of Basking…

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The Historic Sand Pit in Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Post Views: 780 The lore of Basking Ridge’s Sand Pit – The History NOTE: STILL LOOKING FOR ANY PHOTOS!!!! As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our community. We will continue to expand this piece as information becomes available. The story is expanding as we learn more about the family. Mr. Local History Project It’s been talked about over the years in hushed circles down at Brush’s deli. It’s been talked about as a racing playground, a…

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The Bernardsville Basking Ridge Speedway of 1907

Post Views: 390 PREVIEW READ: Mr. Local History took a ride down Washington Avenue in Bernardsville & Basking Ridge as we uncovered a story that we wanted to check out. Now if you know Washington Avenue and Washington Street, it’s really known as being a cut through for locals to avoid traffic at the center of Basking Ridge. As you drive the street, you see the cemetery and the Basking Ridge Fire Department, past Depot Place and a 287 crossing. Heading towards Bernardsville you continue past the cemetery at St.…

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Meandering The History of Bernardsville’s Mine Brook

Post Views: 362 Retrospective: As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our internet community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available. If you have a comment or photo, feel free to post at the bottom of this page or drop us a note. Mr. Local History Project Most people in Bernardsville go about their business every day never really wondering what it may have been like when Bernardsville was still part of Bernards…

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Bernards Township Flag For Every Student – Project Local Ambassador

Imagine being a kid in the and not having a Bernards Township flag. Help us fill local classrooms and give ALL kids a flag.Join the effort to put a Bernards flag in every kids hand. #bernardsflag - Click the Paypal link below and make a difference! https://www.paypal.com/donate?token=GNAHU96Cuntk2Ojf38OzJkJGMdDltiVAeS15BZwkWAxKETrU25IzfzVcBHEaUlpPf-fAauNDNIdfA-KS

Post Views: 1,046 Called “Project Local Ambassador” – Join the Mr. Local History Project as we launch a campaign to raise funds to present every resident and elementary school student a Bernards Township flag. Please share with #bernardsflags tag. Project Ambassador Wall of Fame – Thank you for your financial support Emily Johnston Brooks Clinton Patricia Brosnan Deidre Hollock James Baldassare Jr Lisa Renaud Dan & Pam Vonbargen Sharon Creeden Deborah Marcus Deborah Marcus Nancy D’Andrea Carolyn Gaziano Jennifer Asay Barbara Long (Wabba Travel) Peter Capizzi Is Your Name Here?…

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Most People Don’t Know The Meaning Behind These Town Names

Post Views: 611 The Mr. Local History Project took a moment out to answer a very simple set of questions of which we’ve learned many people just didn’t know the correct answer. The Somerset Hills is an area of northern Somerset County, New Jersey, named after Somerset in England. But do you know the origins of each of the towns in the Somerset Hills? How about the difference between Bernards Township and Basking Ridge? Is Bernardsville and Bernards Township pronounced the same? We try to answer all of these questions.…

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The Basking Ridge Christmas Eve Community Sing

2021 Christmas Eve - Drone - Mr Local History FB

Post Views: 9,574 Live and in Person – Be On the Green in Basking Ridge Village – Dec. 24 @6:55pm – We sing promptly at 7:00!!!!!! Every year on December 24th for 98 years starting promptly at 7pm on what’s known as “The Green”, residents, families, friends, and guests in Basking Ridge, New Jersey gather for less than 20 minutes to sing Christmas carols, wish good tidings, then move on to their personal family traditions. Church bells begin ringing at about 6:45pm. 10 songs are sung and the caroling ends…

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History of the Basking Ridge Fire Company and the Town Christmas Tree

Post Views: 3,111 Every year the Basking Ridge Fire Company accepts a large evergreen tree donated by a local resident or business. The all volunteer Basking Ridge Fire Company members take responsibility for cutting the tree down and placing it on the village green in Basking Ridge center. Firefighters and volunteers also decorate the tree for the holidays, relying on fire equipment to reach the top. The Fire Company will arrive to down the tree, clean up afterward, and transport the tree away in a couple of hours. The traditional…

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Holiday Greeting Cards Scream Local

The Mr. Local History Project Holiday Cards

Post Views: 278 Join the community on December 4th in Bernardsville and Basking Ridge as they kick off the holiday season as the Mr. Local History Project is donating over 500 limited edition holiday cards to the community at Saturday’s Basking Ridge tree lighting and the Bernardsville Holiday Parade. Printed by Bernardsville Print Center’s Rich Steinberg, there are two versions of the Mr. Local History Project holiday card; one for Basking Ridge and one for Bernardsville. The card symbolizes the local holidays in the area, bringing all the chance to…

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