Bedminster History – Look To the Old Mellick Farmhouses

Post Views: 11,551 If you live in the Somerset Hills area around Bedminster and Tewksbury you hopefully have heard the name Mellick. The Mellick name goes back to one of the founding family names in the area. In fact, the name Mellick acquired three different spellings. In those days the people in charge of registering land titles and other legal documents spelled names as they sounded. The Bedminster branch became Mellick, the Tewksbury branch Melick, and a few spelled it Malick. There was a standing joke in the Melick family…

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THE First American Flag and Middlebrook, New Jersey

Washington Campground Flag Mr Local History

Post Views: 261 Isn’t it great when you think you knew about something only to find out that someone else has showed up with a different answer? Well, I hate to admit it but I think it’s been done to us again. Did you know the FIRST flying of the official American flag was a small 1777 campground in Middlebrook, New Jersey? TRUE. Fundraiser: Help Support History Where was That First American Flag Flown?MIDDLEBROOK in BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY! So you’re driving back and forth to work, down 287 then east…

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History of The Bernards Township Flag

Banner Mr Local History Bernards Township Flag

Post Views: 314 Bernards Township has an impressive history that dates back to the early 1600s. One of the things that the Mr. Local History Project started digging into are the origins of the Bernards Township official flag. Let’s see what we’ve found. As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our internet community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available. If you have a comment or photo, feel free to post at the…

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Summer Reading Book & Film Club – Mr. Local History

Read a good book about your hometown area - Mr. Local History Project

Post Views: 777 The Mr Local History Book & Film Club partners with local libraries and area authors and filmmakers showcasing films and stories from the Somerset Hills. Have an author or filmmaker to share? Let us know. Our Summer Favorites: Kidnapping the ENEMY by Christian McBurney -The Special Operations to capture Generals Charles Lee and Richard Prescott Jersey Stories by Fred Rossi – Fun lesser known stories from New Jersey’s historic past Flight of Passage by Rinker Buck – True story of a 1966 flight of two Basking Ridge…

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So Where is West Millington, Lyons and Madisonville Sections of Bernards Township

Post Views: 311 NOTE: As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available. Mr. Local History Project We’re often asked by the public about typical history questions that you think would be fairly straightforward. Today we dig into the history of the West Millington and Lyons hamlets that are part of Bernards Township. The Mr. Local History Project researchers are taking on the challenge. First off,…

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Pari Mandalapu Chosen 2021 Ridge High School Mr Local History Scholarship Winner

Pari Mandalapa-2021--Mr-local-hstory-scholarship6

Post Views: 246 Ridge High School senior Pari Mandalapu is the recipient of the 2021 Mr. Local History Project Scholarship for Community Service in local history. Pari has lived in Basking Ridge most of his life, and has been involved in local history projects for all 4 of his high school years. In addition to being a club swimmer—and member of the Ridge High School varsity swim team—for many years, he also describes himself as an “avid fanatic” of “anything history.” During his time volunteering—he has amassed over 250 hours…

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Stirling Manor in Basking Ridge or Proprietary House in Perth Amboy: Which Came First

William Alexander Proprietary House and Stirling Manor - Which Came First

Post Views: 353 THESIS: The Mr. Local History Project is researching the thesis that another house known as Stirling Manor in Basking Ridge was built with similar architecture before the Proprietary House by England’s John Edward Pryor that William Alexander of Basking Ridge convinced to come to America. Let us know what you think after we present our case below. The Lord Stirling Manor in Basking Ridge was completed in 1763. The Proprietary House was completed in 1764. And the Morris House was completed in 1765. They were all built…

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New Keepsake: Preserving Bedminster’s History #summerwhitehouse

Trump National Summer White House is No. 21 in the New Jersey Historic Village Collection

Post Views: 418 New Keepsake: Preserving Bedminster’s History – The Mr. Local History Project (MLH) has been preserving and promoting local history since our non-profit organization was established in 2019. The all volunteer group started a wooden miniature keepsake program to share history, artwork, in partnership with the world famous Cat’s Meow Village Company of Ohio to support New Jersey’s local history and grow the New Jersey Historic Village Collection. Congratulations Bedminster, New Jersey Supporting Bedminster’s history via our MLH keepsake project is in its early stages and we hope…

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The Lost Charters of Bernards Township & Bedminster

Post Views: 4,709 UPDATE: While we wrote this piece years ago, the Bedminster Charter came back in the news on October 21, 2019 when it was announced that the Forbes family was donating the charter back to Bedminster Township. The story continues! This is a tale of three Charters in New Jersey that make for a great “what happened” story. Let’s first talk about what a Charter is. A Charter is a document, typically signed by the King of England granting rights to a particular area of land to a prospective…

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Bernards BaseBall Club of 1867

Post Views: 1,301 The history of Basking Ridge (Bernards Township) sometimes comes in unique ways. While researching the internet for another story we came across this auction selling an original score book from the Bernards Baseball Club. Today, there are a large number of men who love to play club ball. While mostly softball, there is a core group of club based ball players across New Jersey. Formed in 1867, while the Bernards Baseball Club is an interesting story, it’s all the letters, signatures and additional tidbits that came with…

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Basking Ridge Oak Tree Community Photo Album

The Basking Ridge Oak Tree Photo Album - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 582 On April 24-26, 2017 the New Jersey town of Basking Ridge lost its oldest resident, the Basking Ridge historic white oak tree.  What was estimated to be over 600 years old, no one ever imagined that the tree would die during their lifetime and it came as quite a shock to the entire community. So we reached out to the community on our Facebook Page asking for any photos to add to our Basking Ridge Oak Tree photo album. If you’d like your photo added, join the…

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The New Jersey Historic Miniature Village Keepsake Collection

Local History Wooden Collectibles - Cats Meow Village - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 3,074 The MLH Project is proud to announce that the Somerset Hills Historic Village has joined forces with the New Jersey Historic Village Collection. The New Jersey Historic Village keepsake collection is a wood painted collectible series honoring historic iconic buildings, properties, and fixtures that are part of the historic fabric of New Jersey’s history. Each keepsake was selected based on community feedback and a voting process. Brooks Betz stated, “we’re really excited to see how the public reacts to the next additions to this historic series.” The…

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2021: Honoring Far Hills, New Jersey Centennial

Far Hills Anniversary Banner - Mr Local History

Post Views: 695 NOTE: The Borough of Far Hills celebrates its 100th anniversary #farhills100, with Council President Karner and the mayor’s wife, Janis Vallone, spearheading “what will be a great community event on May 15 ,2021 with a parade and picnic for Far Hills residents.” Due to COVID the Town will have only a small 10 a.m. ceremony outside borough hall after plans for a parade and a community-wide picnic at the Fairgrounds had to be dropped. The festivities were to begin with a parade starting at the Far Hills…

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Walking Tour of Historic Basking Ridge Village

Basking Ridge Walking Tour 2021 Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 842 Join the Mr. Local History Project as we present our annual walking tour of the historic village of Basking Ridge; our annual fundraiser for our local high school scholarship. Tour Date: May 15, 2021. The tour tells the history of the architecture at specific locations as you walk the streets of the historic Basking Ridge village. Listen as your costumed tour guide and local resident adds color to the tour about living in the town. You’ll learn things that you won’t learn anywhere else. The tour is…

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Scholarship Donation – Our Gift

Beers 1873 Map Mr Local History Free Map Offer

Post Views: 616 Make a Tax Deductible Donation – Get a Frameable Map Finding New Ways to Share Local History.We call it “Maps for a Cause” supporting Our Ridge and Bernards High Scholarship Funds The Mr. Local History Project continues its mission to get history in the hands, and on the walls, of our local residents. So we have an offer for everyone. You send us a tax deductible donation, and we’ll send you a custom created historic rendering of an iconic 1873 map. While we had hoped to do…

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