Top 15 Daytona 500 Destinations to Hit Every Speedweek

Traveling Daytona 500 and Daytona Beach, Florida - Mr. Local History #mrlocalhistory

Want to go to the #Daytona500 Speedweeks and feel like you know where to go? Here’s 20 years of experience all in one place where we’ve highlighted the top 15 Daytona spots to hit during Speedweeks. We’ve loaded THE BEST.

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Daytona 500 Ticket Price History – Flat – Like Attendance

Post Views: 2,984 Face value of Daytona 500 tickets- Flat or Lower Boy it’s a whole new ball game for Daytona International Speedway now that DIS has been labeled the first and largest American racing stadium for the #Daytona500. With the reconfigured front-stretch, and a totally dismantled backstretch (aka the Super-stretch), tickets are showing that they can’t hold onto the prices they set just 5 years ago. And with the online ticket resale market growing, people are no longer shelling out big bucks in the summer before the race to…

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Historic Cat’s Meow Collection Created for Somerset Hills Historic Brick Academy

Rendering of the Brick Academy off Oak Street and Finley Avenue in Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Post Views: 1,976 The Mr. Local History Project, in conjunction with T3 Consortium and the Cat’s Meow Village introduce the Inaugural Keepsake of the Historic Somerset Hills Village Collection, the 1809 Brick Academy in the Basking Ridge Village of Bernards Township, New Jersey. The Historic Somerset Hills Village keepsake collection is a new collectible series honoring historic iconic buildings, properties, and fixtures that are part of the historic fabric of our community. The inaugural keepsake, the historic Brick Academy, celebrates the iconic Basking Ridge Village building that is listed on…

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The Besties – The Best of the Best in Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Bedminster

Mr Local History Archives - The Best of the Best food entertainment and tidbits in Bedminster, Bernardsville and Basking Ridge. #mrlocalhistory

Post Views: 6,434 Bedminster, Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Far Hills, Peapack/Gladstone also known as The Somerset Hills. It’s time for a real discussion on where to get the best things based on what the LOCALS say! Don’t agree? Post what you think is is best. And if we couldn’t find local, we gave best option. Best Food Best Bread: Biagios’  (Stirling) Best Meat/Butcher: Green Village Packing Company (Green Village) Best Bagels: Bagels 4 – U (Fat Bagels) (Bernardsville), Bagel Bin (Thinner ) – (Bernardsville) Best Pizza:  Lennys (Bernardsville), Venetos (Basking Ridge),…

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Transforming Historical Societies and Museums

Post Views: 2,855 Change or Die! That’s the battle cry. This article came as a result of looking at why people are no longer signing up and supporting historical societies across America. It’s a dying institution. But they’re not alone. No one can deny that Amazon is changing the face of how consumers shop and purchase and the impact that it is having on towns across America. Towns that were once retail meccas, are now showing signs of the “Amazon effect” with storefront vacancies. So I got to thinking, what…

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Growing Up at the Cranford Canoe Club

The Cranford Canoe Club aka Cranford Boat and Canoe Company in Cranford New Jersey

Post Views: 7,274 2021 UPDATE: The Mr. Local History Project is determining interest to nominate the Cranford Canoe Club to the New Jersey Historic Registry. If you believe this should be done, please consider signing our petition to let Cranford local officials that this should be done. Click Here. When you’re a kid, often the most simple things in life end up be the ones you remember the most.  As one of three kids in my family growing up in nearby Westfield, New Jersey, the Cranford Boat and Canoe Company,…

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Tour of Somerset Hills Proposed

Post Views: 2,552 Tour of Somerset Hills – Competitive bicycle racing through the historic Somerset Hills region in New Jersey. While watching stages of the recent Tour de France the thought came up of how great would it be if there were a bike tour that showcased some of the most beautiful areas of New Jersey in the historic Somerset Hills area of northern Somerset County New Jersey. It’s The Tour of Somerset Hills, a high energy tour through the towns of Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Peapack, Gladstone, Far Hills and…

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50+ Chris Christie Beach Memes To Make You Laugh

Chris Christie Beach chair meme Mr. Local History #mrlocalhistory

Post Views: 12,899 UPDATE: YOU KEEP SENDING… WE’LL KEEP POSTING! After shutting down the NJ government due to a budget impasse while a constitutional requirement was legit. But the photos of Christie caught on a closed public beach have turned his episode into a viral web phenomenon. The Christie Snub It all started when a photographer from the Newark Star Ledger rented an airplane on July 2, 2017 to take photos of the closed public park beaches. He had a hunch that maybe, just maybe, Christie, whose governor summer home…

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The Great Historic Tavern Pub Crawl & Tours

Post Views: 27,464 We like touring Morris and Somerset County since this is the “cockpit of the revolution” and most of the old taverns were meeting places of the resistance. Want to grab a pint where  General Washington drank (and maybe slept)? How about a cold one where Ben Franklin gathered his thoughts? Here’s where history meets the road….literally. In addition to churches, pubs and taverns served as the meeting places of the revolution. How fun now would it be to create a trip, learn some great stories, and maybe…

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Kids Event Planning: History Coloring Book

Post Views: 2,693 Coloring History Opportunity for Kids T3 Consortium, a local company in the Somerset Hills, is proud to announce a new program for education programs to create a great program to make available for children while teaching them about some of the greatest historic people, places, and events in New Jersey’s Somerset Hills area including Bedminster, Bernards Twp, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack & Gladstone. What better way to teach kids about local history than by having them color some of the greatest events in Somerset Hills history with…

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The New Jersey Hills are Alive with Distilling

Post Views: 4,515 Distilling in the Somerset Hills New Jersey has a deep history in distilling spirits that goes back to colonial times. The Somerset Hills is a area in central New Jersey’s Somerset County grouping six similar towns, villages, and hamlets into a cohesive geographical area. Those towns that comprise the Somerset Hills are: Bedminster, Bernards Township (Basking Ridge), Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack & Gladstone. Being from Basking Ridge, New Jersey there are written accounts that even with the foundation of Bernards Township back in 1760 where commitments were made from the…

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Somerset Hills Most Famous Residents

Post Views: 27,981 The New Jersey towns that make up the Somerset Hills include Bernards Twp (Basking Ridge), Bernardsville, Bedminster, Far Hills, Peapack/Gladstone). Starting back in the late 1800’s many of the richest and most famous people lived in the Somerset Hills. Remembering who they are is one thing.Remembering what they did is another.Remembering where they live(d) is tougher still. The Somerset Hills in New Jersey is one of the most affluent areas in the history of the United States. From the Bernardsville Mountain in the Gilded Age, to the…

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Social Media for Non-Profits and Historical Societies

Post Views: 2,784 One of the greatest challenges to non-profits and historical societies is the ability to change their business models and become self sufficient. Funding is a great challenge and communicating to various groups, agencies, government officials is critical to their survival. Social media is a relatively new tool that non-profits need to leverage if they’re going to get their word out to the masses. The New Jersey Cultural and Heritage Commission recently held three statewide social media workshops. This workshop was created to introduce and share techniques that…

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Michael Lewis – Characters of The Big Short

Post Views: 1,998 UPDATE: February 29, 2016 Since the release of the best selling book The Big Short. the book is now officially an Oscar winning movie. The film, five years in the making since Michael Lewis’s book was released, won the Best Screen Play Adaptation Oscar. We’ve added photos not only of the players in the book, but those now made famous in the film. Director and screenwriter Adam McKay stated in his acceptance speech, “If you don’t want big money to control government don’t vote for candidates that take money…

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