Day Trip – Mohonk Mountain “House”, New Paltz, New York

Mohonk Mountain Resort recently turned 150 years old and it's pricey to go. But a day trip is awesome! Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 17,257 This piece was originally written back in December 2007. Thought we’d refresh because we’re looking to go back for another visit to help celebrate 150 years of the wonderful history of the Mohonk Mountain Resort. Here’s your first tip. Once you walk into the Mountain House, nobody knows whether you’re a Day Guest or an overnight resident, so don’t feel out of place. Walk around the Hotel. Sit in the sitting rooms, read the papers, and begin to take in the historic beauty of the resort. But…

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Weddings @ Historic Venues in the Bucolic Somerset Hills, New Jersey

Historic Wedding Venues - Mr Local History

Post Views: 1,315 Many people have written over the years looking for places to hold a wedding on a historic property in the Somerset Hills. The area includes Bedminster, Bernards Township, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack & Gladstone. So we’ve been given our mission and started our research. If you know of a historic property that offers the availability to rent out their venue, we’d love to hear from you. Historic Properties you can rent for a wedding: The Old Mill Inn – Bernards Township (Basking Ridge), New Jersey – Click…

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The “Man Card Survey” – or “How Men Think” Survey

Post Views: 1,973 Sometimes a blog is just that. A blog. A place where you just go write something, or in my case you just ask twenty seven random questions directed to seeing how men behave. I don’t know why I do it, but sometimes I’m just curious about human nature. There’s a program where you get to fire off as many questions as you can in 30 seconds without thinking. I’m fascinated by this for some reason. So here’s my own Man Card survey. Take the survey and when…

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POLL: Ride Share – Front or Back Seat?

Rideshare Poll - Front or Back Seat

Post Views: 1,647 So we’re traveling for work in Toronto, Ontario and a colleague looks over and asks “Hey have you taken an Uber around town yet. While we have, we didn’t understand what he was talking about next. He stated that two times the Uber driver either opened the front door, or asked the passenger to sit in the front seat. Soooooo, we’re taking a poll to see what people think. Is it rude to not sit in the front for a rideshare? Should you sit in the back…

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Wooden Collectibles

The Cat's Meow is one of the worlds most iconic collectible series. Mr. Local History started creating the Somerset Hills Historic Village back in 2018. Each year we launch new additions based on community input.

Post Views: 1,603 The MLH Project is proud to announce that the Somerset Hills Historic Village is Joining the New Jersey Historic Village Collection as part of the world famous Cat’s Meow Wooden Keepsake Collection Vote for the Next Wooden Collectible Now! Ends Sunday, 10/6/2019 – And the Winner Is……. PRE-ORDERNo. 14 – c.1921 Far Hills Race Meeting (Far Hills, New Jersey) Image coming soon. Our first keepsake honoring a historic event. Pre-Order now. Click Here. Estimated to be available in March 2021. PRE-ORDERNo. 13 – The Historic Cranford Canoe…

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1912 Astor Estate in Basking Ridge Selected as 6th Wooden Historic Village Keepsake

Basking Ridge Wooden Cats Meow Keepsake

Post Views: 1,708 Order online now to be part of the inaugural run. Mr Local History is proud to announce the release of the 6th in the collectible series, the 1912 Samuel Owen home now known as the Astor Estate is the new Somerset Hills Historic Cat’s Meow collectible. Orders are now being taken online. Only a limited number will be produced. The Historic Somerset Hills Village keepsake collection is a collectible series honoring historic iconic buildings, properties, and fixtures that are part of the historic fabric of our community.…

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History Helps Realtors Sell Real Estate

Mr Local History and Realtors Unite

Post Views: 1,190 Realtors History Guide to Selling Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Bedminster and the Rest of the Somerset Hills, New Jersey It probably comes as no surprise that realtors have a fairly easy time selling homes in Bernards Township and the surrounding Somerset Hills area. With its top ranked schools, highway access to the rest of the state, easy access to railroads and a relatively low tax rate. Now comes the secret. How you can differentiate yourself as a realtor using Mr. Local History. First off, we never thought of…

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The History of Street Names in Bernards Township

The History of Street Names in Bernards Township

Post Views: 2,703 Before I begin this post, I have to say that this topic was one of my favorites with June Kennedy, our Basking Ridge Town Historian who recently passed in November 2018. We often challenged each other to dig the truth on the naming of all the 463 streets. The streets covered include the hamlets of Basking Ridge, Lyons, Liberty Corner, and West Millington which makes up Bernards Township. June Kennedy had been involved with history as soon as she moved to town from Little Silver, New Jersey.…

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Basking Ridge Historic White Oak Tree Selected as 3rd Keepsake in Series

Mr. Local History Archives - #catsmeowvillage

Post Views: 1,380 Mr Local History is proud to announce the release of the third in the collectible series, the 619 year old Basking Ridge Historic White Oak Cat’s Meow collectible. The collectible is now available online. The Historic Somerset Hills Village keepsake collection is a collectible series honoring historic iconic buildings, properties, and fixtures that are part of the historic fabric of our community. The third keepsake was selected based on community feedback and a voting process. Brooks Betz stated, “the tree was the oldest resident in our town.…

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Basking Ridge Church and 600 Year Oak Tree The 2nd Somerset Hills Historic Village Collectible

The Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church and the former historic oak tree is an iconic scene of the Basking Ridge Village.

Post Views: 1,596 The Mr Local History Project is so proud to share the release of the second in the historic Somerset Hills Cat’s Meow collectible series, the 1718 Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church and the 619 year old Basking Ridge Historic White Oak Cat’s Meow wooden keepsake collectible. The Historic Somerset Hills Village keepsake collection is a new collectible series honoring historic iconic buildings, properties, and fixtures that are part of the historic fabric of our community. The second keepsake, the historic 1718 Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church and the iconic…

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Shop for a Cause

Shop for a Cause - Mr Local History Project #shoplocalhistory #justoneitem

Post Views: 801 Support Local History by getting #JUSTONEITEM. It makes a huge difference! The Mr. Local History Project is a 100% all volunteer effort. We’re also a federally and state recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. Our fundraising has taken a serious hit due to the pandemic without being able to run fundraising events. So we have to rely on our local history merchandise. A collection of our more exclusive custom make keepsakes and collectibles. A wide variety of fun and social clothing, pillows. clocks, phone covers, and YES – MASKS.…

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Retrospective: Meryl Streep Was From Basking Ridge

Meryl Streep was from Basking Ridge, NJ too - Mr. Local History #mrlocalhistory

Post Views: 11,754 As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our internet community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available. If you have a comment or photo, feel free to post at the bottom of this page or drop us a note. Mr. Local History Project This piece is released to the public in hopes that this piece will continue to update based on  the ongoing online dialogue that originated from a Facebook post and a Meryl…

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Top 15 Daytona 500 Destinations to Hit Every Speedweek

Traveling Daytona 500 and Daytona Beach, Florida - Mr. Local History #mrlocalhistory

Want to go to the #Daytona500 Speedweeks and feel like you know where to go? Here’s 20 years of experience all in one place where we’ve highlighted the top 15 Daytona spots to hit during Speedweeks. We’ve loaded THE BEST.

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Daytona 500 Ticket Price History – Flat – Like Attendance

Post Views: 2,855 Face value of Daytona 500 tickets- Flat or Lower Boy it’s a whole new ball game for Daytona International Speedway now that DIS has been labeled the first and largest American racing stadium for the #Daytona500. With the reconfigured front-stretch, and a totally dismantled backstretch (aka the Super-stretch), tickets are showing that they can’t hold onto the prices they set just 5 years ago. And with the online ticket resale market growing, people are no longer shelling out big bucks in the summer before the race to…

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