Wooden Collectibles

The Cat's Meow is one of the worlds most iconic collectible series. Mr. Local History started creating the Somerset Hills Historic Village back in 2018. Each year we launch new additions based on community input.

Post Views: 1,777 The MLH Project is proud to announce that the Somerset Hills Historic Village is Joining the New Jersey Historic Village Collection as part of the world famous Cat’s Meow Wooden Keepsake Collection Vote for the Next Wooden Collectible Now! Ends Sunday, 10/6/2019 – And the Winner Is……. PRE-ORDERNo. 14 – c.1921 Far Hills Race Meeting (Far Hills, New Jersey) Image coming soon. Our first keepsake honoring a historic event. Pre-Order now. Click Here. Estimated to be available in March 2021. PRE-ORDERNo. 13 – The Historic Cranford Canoe…

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The History of Worship in Basking Ridge

Historic image of the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church in Basking Ridge

Post Views: 4,633 On June 10, 2017 the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church (BRPC) celebrated its 300th anniversary with a town wide parade from Ridge High School down Finley Avenue to the iconic church off the Basking Ridge village green. Given this great accomplishment we thought it’d be important to look into the history of worship in the town and provide some insight. Another Historic Moment: The first virtual Easter Service – April 12, 2020 The Basking Ridge Worship Timeline Putting everything in perspective a 300 year existence is incredible. Just think…

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Shop for a Cause

Shop for a Cause - Mr Local History Project #shoplocalhistory #justoneitem

Post Views: 1,042 Support Local History by getting #JUSTONEITEM. It makes a huge difference! The Mr. Local History Project is a 100% all volunteer effort. We’re also a federally and state recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. Our fundraising has taken a serious hit due to the pandemic without being able to run fundraising events. So we have to rely on our local history merchandise. A collection of our more exclusive custom make keepsakes and collectibles. A wide variety of fun and social clothing, pillows. clocks, phone covers, and YES – MASKS.…

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Origins of Cold as Balls and Cold as a Witch’s Tit

Post Views: 20,040 Someone asked the question “Where did the term cold as balls come from and why do they say it?” That got us to thinking about another saying, Cold as a Witch’s tit. We had our mission. Man It’s Cold as Balls! Cold as balls is an interesting term. My daughter even says it! You hear it all the time but most guys then respond with; “My balls aren’t cold, so what the heck does cold as balls mean?” Cold as balls as it’s referred to in the…

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