History Matters to Downtown Bernardsville

The Mr Local History Project joins Downtown Bernardsville Efforts

Post Views: 350 We are very happy to announce our partnership support to the Downtown Bernardsville revitalization effort in New Jersey and hope that everyone who lives in the area, read the story and then volunteer to support this fantastic local effort to preserve and promote Downtown Bernardsville. Mr. Local History Project If you talk about researching local history in Bernardsville you have to go directly to the Spinning History Room at the Bernardsville Library. When you talk about historic buildings in Bernardsville, you go to the Bernardsville Historic Preservation…

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2022 Historic Basking Ridge Village Walking Tour Scholarship Fundraiser

A few of our fantastic hosts and docents for the Basking Ridge walking tour.

Post Views: 504 Book Your Spot Today. UPDATE: Friday, May 13 We are a go for Saturday. Chance of showers. Warm (yay). Maybe bring a small umbrella just in case. Only a few tickets for our only tour this year of the Historic Basking Ridge Village! Tell your friends! Tell a friend. bring a guest. Make it a girls afternoon out! it’s a high school scholarship fundraiser! A GREAT LOCAL TOUR! Join the Mr. Local History Project as we present our annual walking tour of the historic village of Basking…

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Meandering The History of Bernardsville’s Mine Brook

Post Views: 411 Retrospective: As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our internet community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available. If you have a comment or photo, feel free to post at the bottom of this page or drop us a note. Mr. Local History Project Most people in Bernardsville go about their business every day never really wondering what it may have been like when Bernardsville was still part of Bernards…

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A Real Liberty Pole in Liberty Corner, New Jersey

Post Views: 337 PREVIEW RELEASE POST: New Jersey has a rich history way before the founding as a country. As one of the original 13 colonies, New Jersey has often been called the “Cockpit of the American Revolution” based on all of the events that took place in New Jersey during the revolutionary war. Before the war, a small area in Bernards Township was noted as Annin’s Corner. The war changed all that and after the Annin’s and many separatists supported, the town name was renamed “Liberty Corner”. At the…

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New Jersey’s MOST ICONIC Diner Keepsake

Jersey Diner Collectible - Mr Local History

Post Views: 416 Nothing goes better than a fun Jersey day trip to an iconic town that starts the Jersey shore and gives you so many fun choices to fill with food and history. The Mr. Local History introduces you to Keyport, New Jersey, a historic seafaring community full of history and a great place to grab a days worth of great eats! Broad Street Diner This authentic diner is a circa 1953 O’Mahony stainless steel railcar diner located just a few blocks from Raritan Bay at 83 Broad Street.…

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Honoring Black History Month in the Somerset Hills

Celebrating Black History Month in Bedminster, Bernards Township, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack and Gladstone in the Somerset HIlls - Mr. Local History Project

Post Views: 1,252 NOTE: As with many Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our community. We will continue to expand this piece as information becomes available. Mr. Local History Project The Mr. Local History Project is often asked to dig into particular historic events, historic properties, and historic people. Every February the nation celebrates black history month so we wanted to do some digging, and crowdsource to the local communities to build on honoring the month with stories…

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Getting Published – Making a Arcadia Local History Book

How to get published. What to know about Arcadia Publishing

Post Views: 5,195 Getting published – Making a local history book using Arcadia. Arcadia Publishing is America’s largest publisher of regional and local history books. Do you have a great idea for a history book and you want to become an author? Arcadia does have a proven process for getting your idea compiled, printed, and distributed. It’s actually quite easy if you have a strong archive, a good sense of history and the research needed, and a small group of promoters that can get the word out. Here’s your chance…

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Retrospective: The Vote That Killed the Basking Ridge Historic District

Basking Ridge Historic District Village Header Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 544 Retrospective: As with all Mr. Local History retrospectives, we often update the post when we learn stories and are sent photos from our internet community. We will continue to grow this piece as information becomes available. If you have a comment or photo, feel free to post at the bottom of this page or drop us a note. Mr. Local History Project The Historic Village of Basking Ridge All anyone has to do is drive down South Finley Avenue to the town green to recognize you’re in a…

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Bernards Township Flag For Every Student – Project Local Ambassador

Imagine being a kid in the and not having a Bernards Township flag. Help us fill local classrooms and give ALL kids a flag.Join the effort to put a Bernards flag in every kids hand. #bernardsflag - Click the Paypal link below and make a difference! https://www.paypal.com/donate?token=GNAHU96Cuntk2Ojf38OzJkJGMdDltiVAeS15BZwkWAxKETrU25IzfzVcBHEaUlpPf-fAauNDNIdfA-KS

Post Views: 1,145 Called “Project Local Ambassador” – Join the Mr. Local History Project as we launch a campaign to raise funds to present every resident and elementary school student a Bernards Township flag. Please share with #bernardsflags tag. Project Ambassador Wall of Fame – Thank you for your financial support Emily Johnston Brooks Clinton Patricia Brosnan Deidre Hollock James Baldassare Jr Lisa Renaud Dan & Pam Vonbargen Sharon Creeden Deborah Marcus Deborah Marcus Nancy D’Andrea Carolyn Gaziano Jennifer Asay Barbara Long (Wabba Travel) Peter Capizzi Is Your Name Here?…

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Most People Don’t Know The Meaning Behind These Town Names

Post Views: 680 The Mr. Local History Project took a moment out to answer a very simple set of questions of which we’ve learned many people just didn’t know the correct answer. The Somerset Hills is an area of northern Somerset County, New Jersey, named after Somerset in England. But do you know the origins of each of the towns in the Somerset Hills? How about the difference between Bernards Township and Basking Ridge? Is Bernardsville and Bernards Township pronounced the same? We try to answer all of these questions.…

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Program Pilot: Local History Games/Puzzles

Mr Local History Puzzles and Games

Post Views: 594 What better way to share New Jersey’s local history then with games. In an effort to create a fun and entertaining teaching method, the Mr. Local History Project presents a number of interactive puzzles and games for kids and adults. Look for different kinds of puzzles, from crossword puzzles to word searches, memory games and more! We’re testing public interest with our first pilot of 2022. If you like the idea of growing our games catalog as part of our education program, please let us know. Feel…

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2021 Year In Review – Mr. Local History’s Top 10 Stories

The Mr Local History Project Trustees and Volunteers 2021

Post Views: 489 For your consideration…… Late December and early January are great times to reflect on the year passed and stories that presented themselves. The Mr. Local History Project looks back at the top 10 stories uncovered for 2021 based on reviews made by the editorial board. Don’t get us wrong, we love all of the stories that were researched or recommended by our readership. 2021 was also a growing year for the Mr. Local History Project as our trustees expanded along with our coverage. This year marked a…

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Retrospective: Snowstorms and Sledding in The Somerset Hills

Snowstorm and Sledding Somerset Hills - Mr Local History Project

Post Views: 1,585 Snow is an interesting thing. Some love it. Some hate it. But when there’s a major storm in the area there’s the battle between getting a snow day, and whether to play in it or dread dread removing it. Update: 2/1/2020 – The record books had a close call Monday the First of February. Official totals: Basking Ridge 19.5 inches, Bedminster: 19.7 inches. 10th largest snowfall on record. Snowstorm Slideshow If you live in the area and would like to share an image, or story, feel free…

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Deep Dive: Krug’s Tavern – Preserving Newark’s History

Newark's Krug's Tavern #1 burger celebrates history

Post Views: 1,035 The Mr. Local History Project (MLH) has been preserving and promoting Jersey local history since the non-profit was established in 2019. For this piece, we are on a mission to create the definitive online history of Krug’s Tavern, an Ironbound Newark landmark family institution. Krug’s Tavern, a shot and beer joint that’s survived thru WW2, the Riots, and gentrification, the four generations continue the family legacy with this legendary watering hole. Now Krug’s has reached its 90th anniversary, the non Profit Mr. Local History Project honors this…

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Retrospective: Somerset Hills Cartographer John Smith Showcases Local History

Somerset Hills Country Club History Map - John Charles Smith Mr Local History

Post Views: 700 National Award Winning Landscape Architect Lives and Breathes History with His Map Creations. The Mr. Local History Project introduces you to a dear friend and history connoisseur that has taken cartography to a whole new level overlaying history on top of mapmaking producing beautiful poster sized objects disguised as art. Meet John Charles Smith and his maps of the Somerset Hills. The Somerset Hills is a northern section of Somerset County, New Jersey. Known by friends and locals as the the John Smith maps, the maps are…

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