Planning Already Under Way – 2023 Bernards Township Day of Community Service & Pride

Circle the Date on the Calendar!
Bernards Township’s Annual Day of Community Service and Pride is Set for May 24, 2023

First off, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who participated in the inaugural Bernards Township Day of Community Service and Pride. The event was a great success and we look forward to assisting in the planning of the next Bernards Township Day. This total grass roots effort is made possible by the community. Our Mr. Local History project got the idea off the ground, but now it’s YOURS! Time to start planning for 2023’s Bernards Township Annual Day of Community Service and Pride. #bernardstownshipday2023

Countdown to the next Bernards Township Day of Community Service and Pride


Here are just a few activities that took place at the 2022 inaugural Day of Service and Pride

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Planning is Underway for 2023
Already a Few Suggestions

Here’s an idea that started floating around. How about a “Fall Tulip Bulb Campaign: Buy a Box of Red and Gold tulip Bulbs – Give a Box of Tulip Bulbs to the Basking Ridge Garden Club. “
Then partner with the local Boy and Girl Scouts to plant around town. Then next May, watch as the town comes alive! What do you think?

  • Suggestions include:
    • Tulips on the town green
    • Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts and Brownies involved to earn a new Bernards Township Day badge
    • Student essays “Why I love Bernards Township”
    • Art projects about township pride
    • Farmstead Arts Center art project
    • Mahan Truck Museum open house with bus rides for kids
    • Library program
    • Fly the Bernards Township flag in the town
    • Paint a mural in town honoring Bernards Township
    • A special on the “town special” at Brush’s Deli
    • Get a BIG Bernards Township flag for the town greene

Anyone Can Participate in Bernards Township Day

Join this grass roots effort. Sponsor an event of your own! Everyone can participate. Share your activity or event on social media with the hashtag #bernardstownshipday

Post/Share your event/activity/offer information on your social media or website. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #bernardstownshipday

Can it be done? The project would need approvals and volunteers! If you are an organization that would like to participate in the 2023 Bernards Township Day of Service and Pride, simply fill out the interest form below and a coordinator will be in touch.

Bernards Township Day of Service and Pride is:

Wednesday, May 24, 2023 is the day where the community gives back to Bernards Township with acts of community service and pride.
It’s called Bernards Township Day, celebrated annually on the day of the townships founding- May 24, 1760.

It is NOT Charter Day, a street fair held typically the third Saturday in May.


Bernards Township Day commemorates a day of community service to be held every May 24th – the same day as May 24, 1760 granting of a township Charter by King George II of England, establishing Bernardston Township. May 24th is a day dedicated where residents give back to Bernards Township by doing a good deed for the township.

Sign Up Your Community Service Volunteer Offer, Event, or Activity

Or just say “I’m looking to volunteer.” We’ll do our best to help – but please leverage our FB Group as well – Click Here and join the conversation.

Look for announcements from local organizations, businesses, and school officials for more events and activities you can loin or get involved (see the Social Media links below).

View the Bernards Township Day Happenings on Social Media

A dedicated Facebook Group has been created for Bernards Township Day – Add a volunteer opportunity, share an idea to show your pride, post an organization activity, or look for volunteering opportunities. Visit FB at –

Join the Community Discussion – See volunteer opportunities and pride ideas – Check it out!

Why May 24th You Say

So why May 24th you ask? A great question. May 24th is the day back in 1760 when King George II dedicated in a charter the official recognition of Bernardston to Sir Francis Bernard, the Royal Governor of New Jersey. Bernardston later became known as Bernards Township. What better day to recognize a community spirit day could there be other than May 24th. So now you know.

Follow the postings to see the activities and events planned and discussed:

  • Facebook Bernards Township Day Discussions – Click Here
  • Instagram Bernards Township Day Discussions – Click Here
  • Twitter Bernards Township Day Discussions – Click Here
  • Look for announcements in local media outlets from local organizations, businesses, and school officials for more events and activities you can join or how to get involved.

Join the #bernardstownshipday Grass Roots Efforts

IF you can’t participate with an activity, you can certainly show your pride. Fly a Bernards Township flag made by the Annin Flag Company

Show your PRIDE! Bernards Township official house 3′ x 5′ flag.
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